Steer Crossing

It started out to be a peaceful Sunday morning. Though I had things to do, I didn’t feel pressed for time. Perfect. That’s the kind of Sunday morning I like. Then the phone rang. And Pete answered it. Steers on the run. Not our steers this time, but his cousin’s group of bovines. And since he’s helped Pete corral our wayward steer from time to time, it was our turn to jump in and help. Except that I was sleepy and in my pajamas. But I’m getting pretty good at hopping into my jeans and putting on my work boots at a moment’s notice. So off we went…and waited:


Apparently Pete’s cousin and his crew were already on the spot and tracking down the boisterous bunch of bovines. So what we did was hang out and wait for the herd to pull in, and then we’d just cajole them back into their pasture rather than let them run freestyle down the road. So we layed in wait. So did Bowzer who was ever vigilant, as he should be:


Well, enough fooling around taking pictures of the dog…what’s that I see in the field? Yes, it’s the wandering herd of gentleman bovines. If you squint your eyes, you can see their dark shapes to the right of the barn:


Egads, forget squinting your eyes, here they are! Make ready, take position!


Jolene, you go run out to the field and make sure they don’t run amok there. Wait, what? Your pregnant? Here, grab this stick, you’ll be fine:


These particular steers are a mix of different breeds from the Holsteins that we have. They are referred to as coloreds, in other words they are non-dairy breeds. Not the black and white Holstein with whom I am used to dealing. Holsteins are fairly easy, maybe a little stubborn but generally I only worry about 1200 lbs of black and white beef falling on top of me should I be in a pen with them. So when Pete turned to me and let drop one of his steer factoids on me, I couldn’t help but take notice:

Pete: “Coloreds are more confrontational than Holsteins”.

Me: Blank. Stare. (Directed squarely at Pete)

Me again: And you decided to tell me this now? Not before? Not after? But now, while Here They Come?

Gad…here they come…


And there they go…look at that, they just kind of crossed the road:


It helps to have a couple ATVs and some fine men and one pregnant farmer’s wife to guide them back to their pasture:

cattlecrossing8Take care big guys, and thanks for not butting me!


6 thoughts on “Steer Crossing

  1. Great reporting Micka…I love the way you make everything into an adventure. Just try to remember the famous Brit saying during WW 2 “Stay calm and carry on.”

    love, lucille

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