And the barn opened up

Between many bouts of rain and one tornado warning, Pete and I managed to get married in our barn in front of many of our friends and family. It was exactly as I had hoped it would be. Our two families came together on that day to mix, mingle and celebrate. I loved it. I loved the whole gathering together thing. And the barn proved to be as open, spacious and welcoming as I had hoped it would. Good ol’ barn.

Normally I only post my own photos on this blog, but I’ll have to break from standard policy and post a few photos from others. After all, I didn’t carry my camera, I was busy taking vows and that sort of thing. But before I break into full-out Barn Wedding photos mode, I’ll just ease into it with a few pre-wedding shots. Prior to the wedding, our photographer Sarah came out to do some test shots and do a walk-about to scope out the lay of the land. As it turns out, one of her test shots has become quite my favorite:

PreWedding Test Shot

The day before the wedding naturally involved quite a bit of set up. My brothers and sisters-in-law really worked the elbow grease. I mean those guys did amazing things. I think that’s going to have to be another post. Yes, I think so. Moving on though, the barn opened its doors and swallowed rows and rows of chairs and tables. Big, round, wooden tables:

Barn Seating

While it may not look like much at this point, Susan aka Flower Lady/Witness/Friend got busy pre-prepping the flower arrangements. That meant snagging flowers from her yard, my yard, neighbor’s yards, drainage ditches…okay no…it didn’t go that far. But only because the township had mowed the side roads the previous day. Figures. But that’s okay, Susan pulled a floral miracle for the event:

Pre Wedding Flowers

And I pulled a floral bouquet from my little kitchen garden: Sage, Lavender, Thyme and Dianthus. The Dianthus is the one non-herb participant in my bouquet due to its vivid “splash” of color, which also worked well with my dress, Pete’s tie and most importantly, Bowzer Barn Dog’s wedding collar:

Garden Bouquet

The big picture details are one thing, but I had a lot of fun messing with the small details too. So as not to forget our lovely bartendresses, and in keeping with the whole cow/steer theme, I present to you The Official Barn Wedding Antique Mason Tip Jar:

Cow Tip Jar

Funny thing is, at the end of the night, they took their tips AND they took the jar! Hey, Somebody, do a quick steer count!

All in all, it was a fun event, until the rain poured and a tornado touched down nearby…but that’s okay, I was trapped in the Milkhouse Studio with my sister-in-law, a bottle of wine and some snacks. Hey, where’s my husband?!?

(Stay tuned, more photos from the actual barn wedding are to come!)

5 thoughts on “And the barn opened up

  1. Thanks Micka…nice work! I loved the commentary and the photos mixed together. Did you ever hear from Billigeen as to why she didn’t come? Thanks for taking Olivia along tonight. Love, lucille

  2. Thank-you Micka and Peter for a wonderful Wedding! I used your beautiful picture of the mason jar in the garden for my desktop Picture. Hope you dont mind! It reminds me how beautiful everything was at the farm. Luv Jackie

  3. Congrats on a beautiful day — I grew up both sides of your place — first at the farm just east of you then my folks built the house on the acre just west of you – Jerome and Beatrice Weisensel – I used to ride the school bus with Peter – your barn was the first place (and only place) I ran away to when I was young — at that time Kenny Hermann gave me up as well as my dog, and I returned home — we used to skim cream from the bulk tank to make home made ice cream — your barn has flooded me with many wonderful memories — may your days ahead be as bright Rita (Weisensel) Roberts

    • Rita, thanks for sharing your memories with me. I really like hearing about the local history and past events that occurred around here. Wow, I wish I had a memory such as skimming cream to make home made ice cream. That must have been a treat. Again, I really do like hearing the stories, interesting that you grew up on both sides of the farm, I’m trying to place it in my head as I write this!

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