And the Barn Opened Up, Part II

Hay…you there, wanna see some “Wedding-In-the-Barn” photos?


Sure you do. But as I said in the previous post, while all photos on this blog are taken by me, I am making an exception on this post. I’m posting my wedding photos taken by Pete’s cousin Sarah. She did a wonderful job and was oh so nice, and took thousands of photos. I exaggerate, perhaps hundreds. But fear not…I will only post a few here.

As I said before, the barn performed beautifully. It opened its doors wide and allowed about 180 people within its weathered boards. We were fortunate to have a break in some tumultuous weather, allowing a generous amount of light to pour in through its opened doors and the cathedral-like window above where the ceremony played out:



I’ve always eye-balled that clerestory window thinking that it would be so nice with light flooding through its panes on such an event. It did not disappoint me. In fact, it served as a sort of counterpoint in the The Dress Shot.

Ladder Dress

Bowzer Barn Dog was Best Dog of course. He fulfilled his role quite well. He delivered Pete’s ring to me without incident. Good boy Bowzer:

Bowzer Ring Dog

We kept things pretty simple, no table cloths…just vintage kitchen towels on wooden tables, burlap goodie bags (with cow tags) and flowers all scooped up and arranged by good friends Susan and Kelly:

Table Set

Tin Cup Flowers

Pete’s friend Julie provided the cake and cupcakes. Which were fabulous, but she one-upped herself…she snuck in Cow Cookies! What!? I herd they were very good. (ha ha, get it? Herd? Yeah. Bad cow joke.)

Cookies and Cake

cows on cake

Milkhouse Radio played after the ceremony. Not only did they play inside on the stage, but once people started drifting outdoors, they picked up their instruments and continued playing outside! How wonderfully transient of them!!

Milkhouse Radio StageMilkhouse Radio Outside

So, to sum up…we’re married! I have now joined the ranks of the farmer’s wife. It’s going to be a trip!


oh and just one more shot…because the steer were there too. I would be remiss if I were not to include them!

wedding with steers

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