Something Weird This Way Comes

It figures, just as I was thinking things are calming down a bit here on the farm, along come the Weird Twins;


As if there aren’t enough things that creep me out in this old house on a gray, rainy day (ie: spiders, moths and horror movies that my husband encourages me to watch) I stumble upon the Weird Twins. It’s really my fault. We were spending a harmless, non-spooky day in Baraboo walking through the art festival on the square. In the blissful sunlight we strolled through booths of jewelry, pottery, painting and photographs. Much of it was very lovely and interesting to look at but nothing was really grabbing me…until we came upon a booth devoted to creatures that go bump in the night, on display during the day. Oh Halloween where art thou?! Have you touched us here so soon, giving us a glimpse of creeps to come? Well then and hello!

And that is where I met the Weird Twins who told me that they would like to come home with me because they heard that we have a lot of random spiders, cobwebs, flies and mice in our house, and they like that very much. In fact they said that they like to eat those sorts of things. I said that indeed we do have those characters in abundance because someone is not keeping on top of the housekeeping very well. And if they would like a go at it, then come along…hop in my purse and I’ll open my door to weird you and weird two.

So now, they’re just hanging around catching flies with a smile on their faces;


Or finding a comfy crevice in which to lay in wait for a juicy spider;


Sure, I jump a little when I walk up the stairs and see Weird 1 or Weird 2 crouched in a corner, but I like their crooked, little smiles. They just brighten my days and darken my nights like no other. And when Halloween comes, they’ll have a special place somewhere in our home ready to say hello to whomever crosses our threshold;

WeirdTwins2And if you do come, just bring chocolate-covered flies, that’s their favorite.


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