Letting Off Some Steam

Saturday we hung out at the Badger Steam & Gas Engine Show in good ol’ Baraboo.


This is my second year attending with Pete. And I’m already looking forward to my third-year visit. But before I get ahead of myself, lets review the many reasons to like this show. 1) It’s outdoors in a pine forest, so the exhibitors set up their various “exhibits/camps” under the trees. 2) There is a huge flea market in an adjacent open field. 3) I like mechanical things, I don’t understand them necessarily, but I like them. 4) One of Pete’s relatives exhibits there year after year, always showcasing one of his magnificently restored tractors, and they always have a fun “camp”.


I particularly like walking through the dirt roads that weave their way through the various exhibits. It just seems funny to me to meander through a pine forest amidst the pop and hiss of steam and gas engines as they clank, whistle and whirl, showing off their mettle. At one point while walking along I came across this behemoth, and I couldn’t figure out what this was:


Here’s the business end of it, maybe you can figure it out:


And if you said Concrete Mixer, good for you! I didn’t take note of what year it was from, but after I was told its purpose, it made sense. And so I bought it. HA, no I didn’t. But can you imagine me driving along I-94 with panicked eyes trying to get that thing back home? “YEAH! NOBODY’S gonna pass me NOW!!” ha ha…uh, that may not be a good idea. Okay, onward.

I did mention that there was a flea market. And it is big. So we left camp for a little while to wander about the market. It really is a fun thing to do but I really do have to keep on point and not spend unnecessarily. But I did find this itsy-bitsy gem of a thing:


A little antique level. I’ve always loved levels since I was a kid. The floating bubble fascinated me. So now I have a few levels of my own but this baby, which comes in at a mere 3.25″ long, is a bit of a prize. Look how fancy-pants it is with its little brass, floral decor. I’m not quite sure what to do with it yet. I could stare at it all day which would be fine, but I could make it into a pendant which might be demeaning to it, so perhaps I’ll just stare at it in loving admiration.

I did mention that Pete has a relative that has an exhibit there…and part of that exhibit involves an old washer and some ducks. In fact there were a lot of old washers on display throughout the show, but Pete’s relative was the only one that used ducks in his exhibit, and they do need a bath;


But this year, one other thing that set this camp apart from all others was the introduction of “Sarah; Tarot Card Intern”. That’s right, you could get a free reading and a piece of candy for stopping by. I had my cards read thus leaving me with some thoughts upon which to dwell and a Hershey bar. I would say that’s a good deal.

tarotcardinternI’ll be back next year, so get ready for a repeat customer Sarah!! (with free candy of course)

3 thoughts on “Letting Off Some Steam

  1. Very entertaining Micka…I agree The Bagger Stem & Gas Engine Show is one of a kind..It has been blasting along with heavy clouds of pollutants spewing forth for 50 yrs…according to their shingle. Interest keeps growing and I expect it will still be going strong for another fifty. I’m glad that you enjoyed all of it. LL

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