Feed Room Redux

For those of you who have been here, you know that right next to the Milk House Studio space is the Feed Room. You would also know that it was in a sorry state of neglect.

The Feed Room Outside

It doesn’t look too bad from the outside, does it? Just a little landscaping that needs attention, a door askew and a rusted roof. How terrible can that be? And if you were to say, “oh that’s not bad”, well then, I would invite you inside and give you a good shove to see for yourself the horrors within:

Feed Room Inside

And if you were able to make it past the cobwebs, touch the opposite wall and come back out alive, then I would shake your cobwebby hand. Me? I would only peer in from the doorway and dream of greater things. I thought that it could be an extension of my studio or perhaps a little gallery. Or maybe it could be a tack room for when we get around to setting up proper horse stalls, or it could even be a guest room for those more adventurous. What ended up really happening never crossed my mind, welcome to the Tinkler. Get ready for some potty talk:

Commode Outside

That’s right, we’ve got a new “outdoor” bathroom. Any girl’s dream. And like any other girl, I’m going to try to “pretty it up” so it doesn’t look like a hole in the ground. Hmm, curtains seem like a good start. Oh but first, cleaning the windows is a better start. And even better than cleaning the windows, let’s just get new windows. Okay, now we’re ready for the curtains:

Bath Out

Now believe me, I had every intention of helping out in the cause and sweeping out the cobwebs. But Pete beat me to it and swept them all out, and then painted the interior white before I could even grab a broom. Oh well. I must have been at work that day. But now that it’s all white inside, I thought I’d just keep it that way, and give it a sort of shabby farm chic look to it. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s coming along. And the spiders keep a low profile:


So as you can see, there is a convenient section for King Commode as I call it (more about that later) and a dresser area. This is a work in progress but you can get the idea. An antique dresser, vintage mirror and old chair set the frame-work for ultimate comfort in this commodious commode. Wish you were here. Well, not yet. We still have more work to be done:


An old window with black and white photos taken in and around the farm will be hung. For now it rests on a ledge whose utility remains unknown to us. But it will work well for resting a purse upon it, or for a display of flowers or a stack of books in case anyone gets in the literary mood while on the potty. Speaking of potties, let’s have a look at what I’ve dubbed King Commode:


Introducing our very own composting toilet. Just the thing when there isn’t any pre-existing plumbing and when one wants to be earth-friendly. No flushing required. There is daily maintenance on our end, but for a guest-on-the-go, no other action required but to go. Of course due to a composting toilet’s construction, there is a step up required, hence the name King Commode.

I’m having a bit of fun with the “decorating” of our outhouse. I’m keeping it somewhat sparse but adding touches such as the red and white enamel ware, and just letting the imperfections of the walls show:


And what bathroom would be complete without a coffee can light? My brother made this when he happened to find the coffee can in our garage which doesn’t say much about the cleanliness of our garage. It was such a clever, on-the-spot idea and I am pleased to have finally found a perfect spot for it…a can in the can:

Folgers Lamp Light

On the old, red chair in the dresser area sits a cushion that appears to be covered in fabric of a toile pattern. If you peer close enough to the fabric though, you will see that it is in fact, cows. Cows and calves. The fabric is called Holy Cow in case your interested. And boy was I interested. I’ve been dying to use it somewhere and of course it’s a nice nod to the whole Holstein/farm thing we’ve got going on here:


And to reinforce that theme, all you have to do is step out of the bathroom and look to your right:

Commode Steers

The Holstein will watch the door for you. They might even hold your purse for you. Throw them some weeds on your way out and they will love you and follow you home. But I wouldn’t encourage that because they do poop a lot. And on that note, potty talk is over. For now.

Curious Steer

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