I’m trying to pace myself. I’m still grasping on to the last vestiges of summer, but tentatively reaching out to autumn and its crispy, cool days. I’m experiencing that tug between seasons. Let go of one, embrace the other. And then of course there’s Halloween to think about. And we think about it big around here. But it’s too soon…I refuse to buy pumpkins until October hits. But I did eat some acorn squash. So we’re getting there. Meanwhile, there’s some spooky stuff already happening in the upstairs hallway. The shadows fall where they may, and the mask happens to be there. The creep is starting to happen:


If that’s not bad enough, Little Evil Thing is on the prowl. Make no mistake, she can be cute and cuddly one moment, but the next moment she’ll swat you (me) on the backside of the head. What!?? I guess my head just happened to be there. And so was her paw. Ahh the witching hour has begun:

Thing of Evil

I guess I can buy pumpkins now. And put up the cobwebs. Thanks Gray Ghost, you just whacked me into fall!


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