The Creep Gets Deep

Abnormal House FlyAnd so it begins…the creep crawls in. Every nook and cranny is ripe for the Big Boo. Poor fly, he didn’t have a chance. Not with that overdone webbing. Hmmm, someone got a little heavy-handed with the webbing this year. Even the skeletons are feeling a little strangled, and they’re supposed to be dead already!

skeletal dance

And then there’s the barn. Push open those big doors and what do we find?

Moon Crows Close Up

Oh crap…CROWS…with their little pecking beaks and scrawny claws. I can’t stand it. I need to run for cover. But the nightmare continues…grave stones have popped up in the barn. Uh really? Who put those there? (oh yeah, me.)

Stage Set

So then, how do we tame the Big Boo? I know! Let’s call in a band to hit the stage, invite some friends over for a night of fearful camaraderie and call it the “Moos, Boos and Blues Fest”! Yeah! Sing those creepies away! And lead vocalist Blythe did pretty much that by belting out the tunes with much passion:

Stand Back Blues Band

Despite Blythe’s strong singing, I still noticed a few random creepies wandering about..

Susan DemonWe’ll fix that next year when “Moos, Boos and Blues” comes back…but I have to admit, I’m game for more creepies.


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