Musty, Dusty and Crusty

I can’t help but be intrigued by the random tools and pieces of metal gathering dust in Pete’s garage, workshop and/or tractor shed. It’s fun to see the accidental vignettes of his collection while they lay in wait for his future use. And believe me, he will find a use for these things at some point. He’s pretty clever that way. As for me, I just like looking at the stuff and the still life scenarios that they assume;

Large ScrewsBut what ended up intriguing me most about the above image was not so much the tools, but of a certain tree there in the upper right-hand corner. Being that it was not the focal point, it kind of flattened out to an almost graphic image. Not only that, but the very musty, dusty and yes, crusty window pane added an element of texture that I hold dear. That’s just the kind of texture that I often try to obtain in my prints and drawings. So I decided to zoom in and crop to have a better look at said tree:

TreeYep, that’s it. That’s the tree. I want to dwell on that image and its texture for a while and think how I might put that to good use. Meanwhile, I had a bit of fun with the tree in Photoshop:

Tree Composition

Oh my gosh, I’m starting to see faces in it, and I see a bat…someone, quick, analyze me! Oh wait, now I also see a fly. I need some more time with this. Perhaps my day job is influencing me but I want to reproduce this in a batik fabric. Or I can print this on fabric, make a quilt block and maybe someone can make me a very interesting, albeit bug-like, quilt?

As a result of that photo, I liked the idea of using old windows, which are naturally wavy and dusty from age, as a sort of filter for my camera. But it seems hit or miss which is as it should be. I went back later to that same window, this time focusing on the actual tree. I didn’t get the same effect, but I did get a nice musty-looking photo, all due to my “window filter”.

Window TreeIt’s not something one can control as one would with a Photoshop filter, nor is it something that one can carry around in the camera bag, windows being big and all. But that’s what I like, the complete randomness of such a “discovery” if you will, and then being able to do run with it somehow. That process to me is the stuff of fun.


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