The “Other” Milkhouse

Here on the farm there are two milkhouses. One is now my warm weather studio, while the other milkhouse up the road still functions as a milkhouse. Although I must say, not in the dairy sense as this is no longer a dairy farm. But calves must still have their milk, and that is where this milkhouse comes into play. And here it is, quite unassuming but looking fine with a nice dusting of snow:


Here is the entry as seen from inside the barn. There’s a little annex there between the barn and the milkhouse. Sort of a spot to catch your breath while you say, “omg…look at all those cobwebs.”:

Milkhouse Entry

In the entryway, there is a message board. Pete uses it to tack up any receipts, messages or reminders pertaining to his workday. Not a lot of people pass through this entryway aside from Pete and Bowzer B. Dawg, so I’m wondering to whom his current message is directed. Doesn’t matter, the positive reinforcement is a good thing. Pete’s had a tough week and so has Bowzer, so yes, let us have a nice day:

Milkhouse Message Board

You really can’t get too far past the milkhouse and not encounter Bowzer B. Dawg. He is the dog of the perpetual tail wag. And king of calves, though not very good at herding. In fact, let’s face it…he is not a herder, he’s a lover. He loves you. He hasn’t met you yet, but he loves you already:

Bowzer Barn Dawg

Now, once you get past Bowzer (and cobwebs) you step inside the milkhouse and find that it is warm in there. Quite warm. In fact, during cold, winter months the barn cats like to congregate there. So you might see a lot of this going on:

milkhouse cats

Or this…which frankly, gets me a little nervous because I really think they are up to something:

More Milkhouse Cats

So let’s get away from the strange cats for a moment and look around. When I first came here, I was intrigued by the row of gloves hanging on the far wall. Now I appreciate them, because sometimes I need to run in there and just grab a pair to pull on when I have to help out. But let me tell you…I stomp or whack them a bit before pulling them on because of, you know, spiders. Enough said:

Milkhouse gloves

Flip yourself around and you’ll see a row of milk bottles, or calf bottles, or baby bottles… bottles for the baby calves. That’s what I’m trying to say because sometimes, when a calf isn’t quite ready to drink milk from a bucket, we have to bottle feed it. The first time I bottle fed a calf, I was surprised at how strong they can pull at the bottle. The second time I made sure to wear rubber gloves (see above photo) so that I had a better grip!

Calf bottles

And that is the quick, no frills, inside peek into the milkhouse up the road. And lest we forget who rules the roost there:

Milkhouses Cats Sit


2 thoughts on “The “Other” Milkhouse

  1. Hi Micka; I am always impressed/surprised at how you can make the ordinary things seem more interesting and unique by your photography. I love the gloves hanging on their clothesline and the cats are always interesting looking. Bowser on the other hand, looks like he has turned into a dachshund!! He is a dog of many complexities..agreed? Next time you are out “shooting” stop in.

    Drive carefully on your way to work tomorrow…it will be slippery.

    Take Care, lucille

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