A Little Perspective

It’s been a little rough this past week for my husband…as a result, I got put in my place:

I was trying to repair one of his denim overalls. I had the denim needle, denim thread, heavy-metal, bitchin’ Pfaff machine at the ready. And then the machine jams up after a few stitches. Yes, yes, I cleaned, I rethreaded and experimented…and it still jammed. Me frustrated. Poor machine. Poor me. Wah wah.

Then Pete comes in with his Carhartts covered in blood. I told Pete my woes. Told him that his denim repair work would have to be on hold until I get the machine fixed due to whatever dumb injustice I did to it. I told Pete how frustrated I am at making these stupid mistakes…and then, bloody Pete in his bloody overalls said, “at least when you make a mistake, it doesn’t kill something”.


And I am put in my place. I can sew, I can draw, I can design. But it doesn’t usually determine the outcome in a life/death situation. For Pete, one decision can mean just that. And he takes it very seriously. And yet, the next morning, I saw him walk out onto the porch and carefully scrape the bench clear of snow so the little barn kitties can sit comfortably. And he smiled at them. Despite all the rigors, that man can still make time so that a barn kitty is a little more comfy.

Barn KittyI need to pause once in a while like that and not get so caught up in my own miasma, and just get outside of myself. For some people, it may come naturally. For me, it’s a little more work. But what better place than here to do just that. I’m still learning. And so it goes.

And just so you know… the calf involved with the bloody Pete episode of late is doing just fine now : )

5 thoughts on “A Little Perspective

  1. Micka, I always love your posts, they are so introspective and reflective of the bigger life. I am reminded of myself, my own ways of how I feel and handle life. These days it is much easier to be okay with putting my stuff aside. I love how you think about all this and explain it. Thank you.
    I also love the picture of the kitty. My kitty died last year at this time and I’m still sad about it so this picture of a sweet kitty got to me.
    Happy, happy holidays, girlie!

  2. Micka,

    hi! I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed this posting, of course I appreciate all your postings, but this was extra special – 🙂

    see you christmas! love, sheila

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