Rime Time

This weekend has been quite interesting weather-wise. Saturday revealed a beautiful landscape of iced foliage, like sugar spun on trees. So very pretty:

RimeCornCribI thought this was what is called Hoarfrost, but I was wrong. It was actually Rime Ice. The distinction is only vaguely clear to me, so I’m not going to bother you with it. Hoarfrost, Rime Ice, Vanilla Smoothy, whatever you want to call it, it’s amazing up close and personal:

Rime Spikes

Rime On Red

Meanwhile, as we were anticipating a large amount of snow to dump on us Saturday night through Sunday, preparations had to be made. For me that meant filling the car up with a full tank of gas and getting my marching orders from Pete. My tasks included making sure the barn kittens stayed in the barn. No wandering about in deep snow, their little legs and paws may not be up to the task of navigating the predicted 5 to 10 inches. My second task; keep the corn troughs cleared for the calves to easily access the corn. For this I was handed a kitty scoop, the honorary Snow-Day Snow-Scoop. Thank you. I’m on it.

So, after having a nice, potent beer at our local brewery Saturday night, the snow began its steady descent. I was excited. I love snow. And I love that this fell on a weekend when I didn’t have to work. (Except for snow scooping and kitty watch):

Snow Crib

Surprisingly once the snow was done with us, Pete reported no major issues on the farm. This is good news as such an accumulation can cause problems. Pete had his hands full of course, but I only had to usher the random kitten back into the barn one or two times.

Snowy Escape

One of them did hitch a ride with me when I decided to give my x-country skis a spin around the perimeter. She insisted.

Snow Kitten

The calves had access to the corn after the snow was wiped away. But for the most part, that wasn’t a big problem:

Snow Calf

Group smile everyone! Aaah, just look at number 15, what a cute under-bite!

snow line up

I even checked in on the big guys…same story, feed was good and clear…no problems.

Snowy Cattle

Now, I mentioned that I had two tasks given to me for today. Those have been performed, and now I am ready to move on to the third task that I had not mentioned previously…make the rum balls! The holidays do not start without the rum balls!

2 thoughts on “Rime Time

  1. Micka again and again I wait for your wonderful posts and I am always awestruck by your genius.
    The posts are always interesting to me because you have your own unique perspective that you convey so well as well as your beautiful photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to send off the holidays in such a fun way.
    Of course I love the kittens, the barn views, the snow and the cattle. Happy holidays, Micka and Pete!

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