Front Porch Visitation

We’re thawing out. For the moment anyway. The Polar Vortex stumbled its way down south outside its normal vortex range and smacked us in the head with its frigid breath. It hurt. Now it’s on its way home, and we can step outside without fear of frostbite and dead car batteries. Today’s 39 degrees is feeling downright balmy. Time to get outside and have a look around. And around I went till I ended up at the front porch. I hardly ever see the front porch in winter. It pretty much shuts down for the season. It’s our side porch that sees all the action. The side porch leads directly into the kitchen and was known as the dooryard. That’s pretty typical for old farmsteads year round from what I understand. Way back then, that’s where everyone comes and goes. Poor, neglected front porch. We enjoy you in summer while you stage the scene for fine sunsets and turbulent storms, yet we pay you no mind during winter. Time for a front porch visit:

Front Porch Pair

And what do we have here…color! Thank you front porch for the splash of color. You’ve pulled through for me on this winter day. I kept meaning to take that birdhouse stoplight down for the winter. I never did. And Pete said that it was fine to leave the chair on the porch during winter as it has always been there. So I did. Turns out the combo of the two make a fine pair.


It sort of reminds me of a bus stop in Chicago in winter. Only no traffic here, and that’s the way I like it. In fact, this might be the spot to enjoy a glass of ice wine next weekend. I’ll make reservations now. “Hello? Front Porch? Seating for two?”. Reservation made.


3 thoughts on “Front Porch Visitation

  1. Love your farm property…my mon was raised in Valders, Wisconsin…one of 14, she being the oldest. She passed in 1988 and when she had married she had her own little farm with one of each animal needed, except chickens.
    There were 8 of us siblings, now 7. I truly love old farms and the quiet of the nights. Happy for you both. Enjoy, work hard, keep on working on your artwork. Bless you both in life.
    We have moved permanently to Mesa, AZ on 12/11/13. So far so good…we will live and die here, as there will be NO more moving in our lifetime. Way too stressful. John has a daughter and 2 grandchildren living in the area.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I truly love hearing people’s stories. And thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Yes, moving is stressful!! Enjoy Arizona, I bet the night sky is so beautiful there.

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