Still Life with Workshop

Workshop Entrance

Someone wants a new workshop and I just can’t see why. It looks perfectly fine to me. Just look how gracefully the roof line curves downward. (If I may point out, that’s not camera distortion, that’s for real) And look at that fine mid-century garage door. This is a treasure trove of history! “Why in the world would you cover that up!!” (I’m sort of loosely quoting one of our favorite HGTV show hosts there. I wonder if anyone recognizes who that might be??!)

Workshop View

Seriously though, there is so much texture, vignettes and personality in that space, I would be sad to see it go. Time and again I get pulled in there and just stare at the odd placement of tools, the random still lifes, and the beautiful texture of weathered wood:

Workshop Shelves

…along with some time worn metal:


and odd bits and tools:


Sure, it needs a little sprucing up, maybe a shiny, new tool here and there, but otherwise, perfectly fine. And if the wind chill factor gets too bad for you, tack up another duvet cover over the windows. It’s working for our front door, it can work here too! Ha ha…oh my gosh…this isn’t Chicago living anymore, and I love it! Some day Pete, you’ll get your updated workshop. But leave a little texture in there for me!

4 thoughts on “Still Life with Workshop

  1. Reblogged this on chriswoodartist and commented:
    I would dearly love a wonderful building with this amount of character for my studio / workshop ! I would imagine its a little draughty from time to time but that’s the nature of barns. My solution would be to erect a smaller hermetically sealed structure inside the barn – a shed in the corner !

    • I love your thinking, and sure enough I believe my husband will only hermetically seal a portion not even pictured there! Which means the space will be saved, which means I have more room to “play” in!! Patch a few little holes and we’re good to go!

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