Hi-Ho Silver, Away! Or not…

Seems Old Silver isn’t going anywhere right now;

Old Silver

It threw a hissy fit and a tire. I can’t say I blame it. We can’t seem to get above freezing here. I would like to throw a hissy fit too. All I ask for is 32 degrees and a palm tree in my front yard. Meanwhile, I’m eyeballing that trailer and thinking, “Airstream”. Let’s repurpose it. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again…this could be one, hot home-on-wheels. So, word out to Pete, if you don’t get that tire fixed soon, I’m going to get my design crew out there, take measurements and make it a cute, retro, mobile home-away-from-home. And I will hook it up to my car, which also happens to be silver…and I will be a fast, flash of gleaming silver (after I’ve taken my car through the car wash) heading for warmer temps crying out…”Hi-Ho Silver, Away!!”

Oh, and I’m taking the cat too. After all, she does match both car and trailer;

Ghost the Yarn Cat


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