Treasures from the washer

It’s common to find the random nickel or dime in the washer basin. It’s also common to find pieces of straw and kernels of corn. I like the cold cash finds better because they can go into our little, plastic bucket of change upon which some day we will retire. Right. But today I opened the yawning jaws of the washer to find something else:

Washers1Washers in the washer. Excellent. First one, then the other and then the other-other. So I’m thinking, “Makes sense; bib overalls, pockets, stuff in pockets, washers in pockets, washers in washer”. So when Washer Pete came in from the cold today, I presented him with my find. “Oh yeah” said he, “that’s $60 worth of repairs”. Huh? Apparently, something needed fixing, and it cost $60, and these were the parts that needed replacing. So now that they are replaced, they’ve been laundered and are squeaky clean. A clean $60. Which begs the question;

Washers2Did I just launder money?! Did I do something illicit? But more importantly, can I somehow fashion this into jewelry? Dark winter nights can drive one to points of no return such as this. And I may do just that. Oh may spring come soon…

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