Walk the Wheat

Winter wheat. The name seems deceitful somehow. We’re just crawling out of one harsh winter, and yet I’m watching for Winter Wheat. Because that is what I have been tasked to do, check on the Winter Wheat status. Walk the field so to speak. For Winter. Wheat. And why the heck do they call this wheat winter?? Please tell me…oh, because it gets planted in October and lays in wait underground during the cold months of that very season. Come spring, it wakes up and says, “hey, I’m alive” and pokes its little, green sprouts up through the warm earth. Kind of like us shedding our heavy jackets, sprouting our heads out the doors yelling, “free, free at last!”

Winter Wheat AprilIt’s still too early to totally ditch the cold weather mentality. Or maybe that’s just me and the wheat. Because field check revealed sparse growth and I’m still wearing my stupid puffy vest. But it is happening. There are green rows rising up in those fields, and I am daring to shed my puffy vest. And if you look closely enough, it is happening, spring is happening. And I am so grateful.


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