The butler wants his pantry back

I’m trying desperately to get back to a few hobbies I’ve had in the past, such as sewing and drawing. But that’s proving to be a not so easy feat now that I am married and in partnership with someone else. This is not a complaint. It is simply a statement. Or and oh my gosh, how do I do this thing called marriage and at the same time do my own thing. Oh, I guess I don’t! Except on the sly. In the Butler’s Pantry.

The Butlers Sewing PantryYes, that’s right, I’m sewing on the sly in the Butler’s Pantry. I suppose I would’ve demanded one of the upstairs rooms, but no…I don’t have the experience or qualifications to make such a demand. But also, the Butler’s Pantry is a cozy nook with a view. And shelving. So here I plop myself during stolen moments. Plus, my machine is situated right under a lovely stained glass window. I can’t say no to that:

Stainglass Butterfly

Since I’ve moved here into the Butler’s Pantry, I’m learning a few things such as my old Pfaff machine can’t handle denim thread anymore. Sad day that. But I still love that machine and use it. Another new thing; a serger moved in Da House. That’s right…since I relocated to a new state, new job, new life, let’s add to the confusion and buy a serger. Let’s work with multiple threads, loopers and whatever else I don’t really know about in order to sew more;

SergeBabySergeI both love it and fear it. I pay homage to it. I practically bow down to it as I approach it. Pretty soon I’ll be laying fruit at its feet. Until then, I bestow upon it a cat cushion of pins (do not tell Gray Ghost or she will have a hissy fit and swipe me to the living end…but right now she is face-smack-down in a semi-conscious sleep):

PinCatSo here I am trying to collect myself in a few stitches stolen here and there. In the Butler’s Pantry. But I do wonder, who was in this pantry before me back in the 1860’s when this house was built. They probably had more on their mind then “how the heck do I set up this stitch”, or “how do I thread this crazy machine”? And that’s how I lose my track of mind, gazing out the window and wondering about the butler and his pantry.



2 thoughts on “The butler wants his pantry back

  1. I so identify with the fear of new technology; so wanting to produce something wonderful and so terrified to start…good luck for all your future projects as you hide out in the Butler’s Pantry đŸ™‚

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