The Big Warm Up

I think this is it…I think it’s warm enough to officially open my studio:


It’s time to open the door, get inside and get busy:

TinklerHand Signage

oops, wrong door…that’s a different kind of busy.

Let’s try this door:

Studio Entrance

Okay, here we go. Back on track. So each spring as the weather comfortably warms up, I trot all my stuff back out to the Milkhouse studio. This year, a door mat was added to the entrance thanks to my farmer-husband, so it naturally carries a farm theme. Not a “cow jumping over the moon” cutesy theme, but rather a hardcore “I like big tractors” theme. I’m okay with that. We all need to dream big.

Milkhouse Studio Sign

Things are slowly getting into place in the studio. Even the studio plants made it through the winter and relocated to their summer studio sink-in-residence:

Studio Plants

Now I just have to allocate time to spend in there. And sketch for god’s sake. Even if it’s random scribbles. Last year I got sidetracked by a whole lot of big events. This year, it’s time to buckle down and get back into that studio with serious intent and get some hardcore charcoal under my fingernails.

Work Space

And maybe, just maybe I’ll expand my creative scope and do something involving (gasp!) color. That’s right. This year, even pencils of many hues made their way into my studio. Whimsical thinking on my part but let’s see what happens:

Colorful Pencils

But don’t hold me to that, I still like the black and white thing;

Steer and Salad

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