He shall be called Rain

Kitty Stalker Rain

It was truly a dark and stormy night. We were sitting on the front porch listening to the rain hit the leaves. Hans the barn kitten was nowhere to be seen. That’s no surprise as what right and proper cat would be out in the rain when he has a nice, dry barn in which to retire for the night. But then we heard a faint “waah, waah” float through the air. We grew still while trying to pierce the night with our ears for another sound. Pete thought it might be Hans in distress. So he took off looking for him leaving me on the porch still listening. And again, “waah, waah”. So I jumped up and ran in the house to see a happy Pete coming through the side door with a wet Hans in his arms. But Pete! I still hear the wah-wah sound. Go see! There’s something else out there! (and it better not be moth-man. Big Foot would be okay but moth-man, noooo.)

And he did. While I stood on the porch with one soggy Hans, Pete set foot out into the dark with a weak, battery-powered flashlight. I am going to have to make a specific battery run one of these days and buy multiples of every size. We will definitely not be making it through any apocalypse at the rate we’re going. Moments later, he emerged from the deep dark with one little kitten just as soggy as Hans. Behold!! Hans’s long lost brother! One litter removed that is.

Hans and Brother

It has not escaped our notice that Hans’s Mama has had another litter since the litter that gave us Hans. We only know this because she brought her new litter over for dinner one evening. And then promptly went back to wherever she calls home. We think it’s the farm down the road. Once in a while Mama comes back for a snack but we haven’t seen the kittens since their little kitty layover. Until that rainy night. Since then, this rain kitten has stayed with us, despite his big brother Hans tackling him, swatting him and generally giving him a bit of a hard time. But I did see them curled up together taking a nap on one of the patio chairs today. I’ve never really been around cats before, but damn if those cat clichés aren’t true. I see it more and more, and they do chase butterflies. And June bugs, bumblebees and any piece of fluff that drifts on by. Stop being so cute, I’m a dog person dammit!!

I don’t know how long this kitten will hang around with us. They seem to come and go, but I love having another one around, especially Clone Of Hans. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Barn Kitten Rain

If he does stick around, I will call him Rain. Because it certainly was raining cats and kittens that night, and this kitten plopped right into Pete’s arms.



8 thoughts on “He shall be called Rain

  1. I love the name rain…if he comes and goes you can rename it showers. I can’t figure out why they wander off..You guys have the perfect spot for any stray LL

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