Stop, look and listen

YorkStopI really have to tell myself that sometimes. Stop scurrying around. Stop gathering nuts. Drop the stupid nuts and lift up your head once in a while and take a look around, you might be intrigued. Like Nancy Drew. And Scooby too.

I live in a township whose center is a mere 2 miles south of our home. Yet, my travels always take me north to where we declare our home city so to speak. And a nice, little city it is; with antique shops, a brewery, cafes, and yes a river runs through it. The mighty Crawfish in fact. I love that name by the way, Crawfish River. But that’s not what this is about. Let’s go 2 miles south for a moment. Because that’s what I did one day. The only time I go to our township center is to vote in the little town hall. Just a few minutes down the road and around the corner finds me in our little town of York where I dash into the town hall, vote, maybe exchange a few pleasantries, and then dash out again. Hop in the car and vroom home. Done.

But not this time.

York FrontageThis time, I had to stop, look and listen. I mean I did get in my car with every intention to vroom on out of there. But something made me stop and really take a look around. There isn’t much to look at, which is my point. I’m looking at what once was.

York House RoadsideThat “once was” thing is what I find delicious. It’s like brain candy, dipping into that bowl of imagination. What was it like back then? Who lived here? Did kids play on the road during soft, summer evenings? Gather with neighbors for potlucks? Was this once a bustling, little intersection? In my mind, it still is. It is still York, and it is still there. I’m proud of that little township. It’s enduring the years in a graceful state of decay where memories play in the mind for those who pause.

York Road OutMind you, this is only a snapshot of one intersection, while surrounding it are residences and farms that are doing all right, including our own. It’s just this one spot, the center of the township that stopped me in my tracks and got my imaginary motor running and the Mystery Machine revved up. That’s still keeping it alive I think. That and one other place if you care to stop, drop and roll:

New York CenterThat’s right, drop in at the New York Center, where potlucks and Packer fans are alive and well. You just gotta stop.


2 thoughts on “Stop, look and listen

  1. Your post is so timely! Yesterday Dad and I did a group trip to a bog near Long Lake. On the way to and from
    I saw exactly what your camera caught and I wondered what happened to the town and where did the people who
    once lived there go to live or work. What amazed me was no matter how badly the building or barn listed or missing its roof parts of it were still standing. What wil our town or the towns around us be like in fifty years from now?

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