A farmer’s birthday

What do you do when a farmer has a birthday? Well, one thought was to drive a ways to see a band play outside on a local brewery’s patio. That was a good idea. But by the time evening came, we were kind of pooped out from daytime activities. Birthday Boy Pete came up with a brilliant suggestion, “what if we have a picnic in the barn?”. Well of course! We don’t have to drive anywhere, I already had some snackies lined up for our original plan, and there’s a table out there in the barn just asking to be set.

And so we set:

Pete's Birthday table setting

It being a birthday, we decided to invite a few close friends:

Birthday Holsteins

If I had been on the ball, I would have outfitted them with some black and white party hats. I think they would have liked that. But alas, this was all last-minute. And in fact, Pete decided to make a run to town to pick up some food-to-go for himself. (Because what I had was too healthy for him. This is a common refrain.) As he made his fast food dash to town, I decided it would be a good time to pull out his present and get the table ready. Honestly, I had his present ready two months previous. It was a no-brainer. Can you get the theme here? Things are about to get a little squatchy:

Pete's Sasquatch gift

Yes, my boy believes. And we have fun with it. But he never really had anything to publicly proclaim his squatch proclivity. Now his ag-related tee shirts are supplemented by a tee of a different kind. No Holsteins on this tee-shirt:

He believes

Next year maybe he’ll get a squatchy hat. Or squatchy socks. I can’t go wrong! Aside from squatch though, I really liked that we spent a nice evening in the barn. It was a pleasant, low-key way to celebrate another year going forward. Too bad Squatch didn’t make a showing. We would’ve made room at the table for him:

Birthday Barn Meal

6 thoughts on “A farmer’s birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Pete! Can never go wrong with Culver’s!!

    Ilene and I wish you good crops, great grub and a feisty wife!

  2. Upon closer examination…….not 100% positive it was a run to Culver’s, that you made, Pete.
    If not, their bags are teetering on trademark infringement.

  3. Upon even closer examination, I think we need to know more info….
    Is that “moonshine” in the mason jars?
    Did the bovines receive any table scraps?

    • Bob, you must have your replies; there is no moonshine in the mason jars, cobwebs maybe. We do have a moonshine connection if we wanted to go that route but…ick. The bovines did not get table scraps, but since I’ve been cutting back the forest of weeds around here of late, they have had plenty of snacks. You are 100% right, it was a Culver’s run. You win a prize. I don’t know what that is yet, but you win a prize! Oh, and yes, things do get feisty around here enough for him, not just with me, but with cats, dog and steer. I need a nap.

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