Corn Flakes

There’s been lots of movement on and off the farm today. While I was in town, corn harvesting had begun. In fact, not just on our farm but neighboring farms as well. I’m realizing that I need to pick my routes to town carefully now so I don’t get myself squeezed in between combines and semi’s. My little car is no match for them. I’d lose if it came to a throw down. Word of the day, respect the tractor. So while I was having myself a nice Bloody Mary this Sunday morning and discussing business (Seriously, I was discussing. Business.) this shiz was going on:

Corn HarvestGolden corn raining down. I just happened to pull into the farm to drop off some supplies when the corn came from above. Good timing. I like big tractors strutting their stuff. Today I got the chance to get up close and personal with it all.

Corn FlakesIn the two and a half years I’ve been here, I’ve not yet been on site when the corn is harvested for one reason or other. But today, I stood under a shower of corn flakes! It really is a beautiful sight to see all that golden corn filter down and shower us with its touch. I got to see those kernels of corn make a journey from the field to the bin and on into the elevator:

into the elevatorUp it goes while Pete kept a watchful eye on the corns’ elevator journey to the top;

Elevator FarmerUh, turn around farm boy. You’re supposed to be keeping a watchful eye on the corns’ elevator journey to the top.

Semi truck corn harvestWhile we were standing around under a haze of corn flakes, this semi rumbled in. I know for some this may be routine, but for me I feel like I’m on a big field trip in the literal sense. It’s an impressive operation finely tuned between farmer, field and operatives coordinating the timing for when to harvest the crop. That has always felt like a balancing act to me, or a game of chance. And what with snow coming tomorrow…dang you played it close Pete. But you’re a farmer and I’m not. Today, non-farmer me turned my face up to the sky and gleefully felt the corn flakes fall onto my face, stick on my eyelashes, settle in my hair and catch in my clothes. I watched Pete’s face split into a big grin as he played with Bowzer under the spell of corn flakes drifting down upon us.

Bowzer Corn Flake Dog…and I got to be there.

8 thoughts on “Corn Flakes

  1. Great photos and equally great narrative, felt like I was there watching all this take place. Didn’t realize there was so much in doing the corn harvesting.

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