Straying Around

I had a little fantasy when I first moved to the farm. In my dream-head I imagined that a stray animal would come to my door, and I would take it in from the cold, lonely nights it previously had, and it would live a warm, happy life with three square meals, belly rubs and a warm bed on which to curl.

This is what I got:

Gray Ghost and YarnCrazy ol’ one fang, with thumbs and ear mites. We adoringly call her “Gray Ghost” or “ow” when she gets too rough with the paw play. I guess in my fantasy, I neglected to specify dog because that is what I really had in mind. Dog.

It doesn’t end there though. Once Gray Ghost took over the house, (but not the payments, what’s up with that?!) another cat landed on our property. That would be Hans, barn cat number one. A few months after Hans arrival, another kitty plopped in for a visit life. We dubbed him Rainy and figured okay, that’s it, we have ourselves one house cat and two barn cats:

Hans and Rainy

So I thought we were all good and done with the kitty drop-ins, and my fantasy had been abundantly satisfied until this happened:

five kittens

A few weeks ago we found a tribe of kittens in our barn! We have officially become the kitty flophouse of our town. Welcome to the Kit Kat Lounge and Dance Hall…

Cat house

where kitty dreams come true and they all find warm homes. So for the past couple of weeks we’ve been trying to palm off cute kitties to friends and relatives. So far three kittens have found new homes before the snow began to fall. I’m glad for that. But we still have two hold outs:

SmokieSmokie Spaz

TuxTux  Jaz

For now they are a boisterous, playful pair of kitties. I was a little worried about the winter cold settling in before they got bigger, but they seem to be doing just fine. They have a constant supply of water, food and companionship. The Kit Kat Lounge is carpeted in fresh straw, and the Dance Hall above the lounge is the hot spot to be if you’re a big cat. Kitties are not allowed on the dance hall without authorization, supervision and proper i.d. We have our standards after all.

Our bouncer makes sure of that:

Rainy and TuxMeanwhile, I better keep my fantasy-head in check…because I don’t have a place for alpacas just yet.


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