My little, holiday town

Thanksgiving heralds in the beginning of the holiday season. And our little town decided to have an art walk this year along with its annual holiday parade in the hopes that people would linger around a bit longer on parade night. When this was in the planning I thought I had enough going on that I wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t participate. Until the Brew Goddess twisted my arm. See, the Brew Goddess and her illustrious husband run the local craft brewery in town. It’s a cozy hang out that attracts some eclectic bands and good folks looking for craft beer and local food. One day I walked in and she announced that she was to put the pressure on me to participate in the art walk. That’s all it took. I said yes. Okay. I like being asked. And I like being a participate in this little town that I now call my own. I am here. So after the paper work was all signed and sent, I was assigned a window of a participating business. How ironic that it happened to be the Brew Goddess’s brewery. Hello Hydro. I’m sweeping in and taking over your window. Sorry for the mess…

In a flurry of excitement, mixed with a quarter cup of panic, I decided to just do a simple red and white color scheme, using vintage dining furnishings which is fitting for this brewery. Also, that’s pretty much all I got. Lacking easels, I went with “gift boxes” to prop up the work. These were desperate last minute measures. I needed props and all I had were boxes.

Hydro Window set upOf course next I had to figure out a way to weigh down the happy, holiday boxes to support the weight of the art work, otherwise, blap! down they would go! And since we go through laundry detergent so much here, I thought I’d buy a few big-butt bottles of laundry detergent, gift wrap them and use them for support. And what a happy Christmas it will be to unwrap them and know we’ve got lots of cleaning power on hand. After the art walk that is. Until then, the art work went up with the help of gift-wrapped laundry detergent:

Holiday Art Walk DisplayAnd it all stayed up! And the Brew Goddess was thus happy. So was I. The Holiday Art Walk went off well with a slew of wonderful and talented local artists in various windows in our little downtown. And Pete and I had a nice little nightcap and dinner at the Brew Goddess’s craft brewery listening to a very entertaining band.

They were called the Yogurt, Yogi, Yoga, ummm wait…


I got it! The Yoga Jug Benders!!

Yoga Jug BendersThey were a lot of fun and very entertaining. Apparently they were also doing a little filming for a documentary to keep the jug band music alive and well. I wish I knew that beforehand. We have plenty of jugs at home we could have brought with us. We would have been happy to pass them around and get jiggy with the juggy. Meanwhile, let the holidays begin!

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