Monochromatic Me

For two days now we’ve been living in a cotton ball world of unsaturated landscapes and muffled sounds. Corn Crib in fog

It’s cool. Fog is such an interesting presence. It can be eerie and foreboding. Think Scooby Doo where a good fog cues in the ne’er-do-well ghost every time. Or it can be achingly beautiful in its peaceful quietness, laying out a simple landscape through which to drift unfettered,

Field Fog tracks

and I do like my drifting unfettered.

Tree fog

Looks like someone else is doing some unfettered drifting…hey cat, let’s get back to the barn. It’s dinner time:

Rainy the catAnd that’s the way the day has been, unfettered, foggy, quietly drifting along…an unusual day.


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