Bowzer B. Dawg has an announcement

13 years ago, a little lab mix was brought on to this farm with a mission. And that was to be happy, keep the tummy full, mind the cattle, and stay true to thyself. Despite his youth and lack of proper papers, this young pup went on to become Bowzer B. Dawg, barndog of the highest order. After many years of loyal service and diligent work, he has announced his semi-retirement. Party details to come.Bowzer Puppy If it weren’t for him, I’m not sure I’d be here. A dog was on my must-have list, and I do believe a dog reflects the personality of his man (or woman). So Bowzer played the role of wing dog while I was dating Pete. With his expressive brown eyes and come hither looks, it didn’t take long to decide that all was right here: sexy bowzer As I mentioned, Bowzer is semi-retired. That means that he does still accompany Pete on his daily chores and errands. This would include car sitting which is a skill that he has perfected like no other. Look at that steady gaze, doesn’t it just burn a hole in your head? Tool dog bowzerAnd he still takes his meals in the barn with the young calves… Bowzer Eats …once he crosses through the gauntlet of barn cats. That’s always been his Achilles heel. He’d rather defer to the cat crowd than get a swift swipe in the face. That’s smart thinking when a barn dog can choose his battles, and with the cats, it’s best to opt out: Bowzer and cats Now that his working hours are reduced, he gets to spend more quality time with Pete: Bowzer and Pete fun


Pete and Bowzer blanket timeThe best part of this semi-retirement business means that he gets to sleep indoors now! That’s the biggest change here for all of us. Once Bowzer comes in from the evening chores, he’s in for the night. Except for when he gets let out to do his business before tucking in. It’s been a long time since I’ve had an indoor dog, and what I forgot is that sometimes a dog needs to go out in the middle of the night to do their doo-doo that they do do. We awaken to hear the preparatory getting-up noises that he makes, the grunts, groans, head shakes, sneezes and wheezes…followed by the clickity-clack of his nails on the hardwood floor as he walks into the bedroom and politely requests an outdoor appointment. Now.

Ah retirement, where someone opens the door for you whenever you click clack across the floor at midnight. But guess what? If you insist on sleeping so much, expect repercussions of a humiliating nature:

Alien Bowzer…and that’s just the beginning. I can’t wait to buy more silly stuff to put on him while he’s asleep. Happy semi Bowz, it’s gonna be a blast!!

4 thoughts on “Bowzer B. Dawg has an announcement

  1. Bowser….you are one lucky dude! What a great retirement facility you’ve found. But put your foot down if you see her cutting tail holes out of a pair of Depends!

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