Found Object Unknown

One of the cool things about living in an old house with old buildings on the property is that every once in a while, some sort of artifact surfaces. In my dream-head I’ve always imagined somehow “accidentally” dislodging one of the stones in our home’s foundation only to find an old, locked box containing some sort of amazing historical find, never minding the fact that if I were to dislodge a stone in our foundation the whole house may come tumbling down. In that case, the contents of said box had better be worth one flattened house.

Mostly though, what we find are fairly mundane, yet cool objects that offer a hint of life lived many years ago. Hidden away in one of our buildings way up high and out of sight I did find an old barn lamp. It now hangs in our kitchen. Something like that can go for a couple hundred in a restoration catalog. Of course our lamp isn’t slick and shiny. But shipping was free, and rust goes with the color scheme of our house.

Barn Lamp

And then there are the numerous barn pulleys that we’ve found here and there. I’ve gathered up about 4 or 5 of them at this point. I still haven’t figured out what to do with them. I think I’m holding out for some sort of steam punk idea.

barn pulleys

Then we’ve got ourselves one barn door runner…I’m not sure that’s the correct term, but I think you get the idea. We didn’t exactly find it. It was on the barn door the whole time until the barn door decided to take a little trip in a fierce wind storm. Et voila, look what I found! (…on our poor, old broken barn door lying on the ground.)

barn door runner

But what we found the other day left us stumped. First of all, Pete found it in the fireplace while he was cleaning out the ashes. So somehow it must have been attached to an old and at one time functional piece of wood that he had thrown in there to burn. Man, where are you getting your wood from Pete? Ripping it out of the furniture and doors? We’re not that hard up yet! No piece of wood is safe here I guess. Anyway, it’s a curved piece of metal with nails driven through 5 holes. I have no idea what it is. What we do know is that it is quite old based on the fact that the nail heads are square. Apparently square nail heads were in use up to the late 1800s. Or so I’m told. All the nails are bent in an L shape whether on purpose or not I am clueless. So it remains an unknown found object.

unknown found objectHonestly, I’m surprised Pete didn’t see that hunk o’ junk when he put the wood in the fireplace. But then stuff shows up in our washer too that has no business being there. So, funny what does end up crawling to the surface around here.

Gray Ghost, Basket CatIncluding cats who come in from the cold. (Happy Two-Year-House-Cat Anniversary Gray Ghost!)



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