It’s a red and white world

Here we are in the new year, and we finally got some substantial snow. Usually by now we would be dealing with snow on a regular basis but we had a rather mild December. No white Christmas for us. So I’m surprised to find myself saying this but, it’s about time. If we’re going to have winter, then bring on the snow. Even though I fear driving in it, and it makes my husband’s job that much harder to do, I like that little icing on the cake. The surrounding landscape renders down to a crisp red and white, wood smoke scents the air, and hot chocolate fills my cup. With perhaps a little splash of Kahlua. So there. Winter is delivered.

Snow Barn with elevator

When I awoke this morning to find a deep snow cover of 1.5 inches, I got all excited. 1.5 inches!! Hook up the sled dog! Pull on the skis! It’s snow time! Screeching halt. It’s only 1.5 inches. Bowzer the sled dog didn’t budge. The skis didn’t get pulled on. But still, it’s white, and it’s pretty. So I decided to get in my little roadster and drive up to the home place and see what Pete was up to in this wintry wonderland of 1.5 inches.

Feedmixer 1Ah, the red feed mixer is out and about attached to one of Pete’s collection of tractors, in this case a Russian-made tractor, fueled by Vodka I am told. See the open cockpit? Can you make out the bundled up black shape in the open cockpit? Can I possibly put one more reference to alcohol in this post? Poor Pete.

Hey, wait!

Where are you going Pete?

Feedmixer 2

Bye Bye Pete…

Cloud of Snow Feed Mixer…and he dissolves into a flurry of white. As for myself, I resolve to dissolve into the red barn, where therein waits one more red and white scene to behold:

Little red head calf…a little, handsome redhead safely tucked in from the cold.


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