Snow Pas

Up until now we hadn’t had any really big snow this season, which seems kind of unusual. So when a few inches of snow was predicted for Saturday night into Sunday I felt a little winter glee coming on. While I’m all, “yay, let’s go play, bring it on!”, Poor Pete predicted doom and gloom. Ha, I exaggerate. He expressed a healthy concern because it can create extra work and a headache or two. So while I may think it’s play time, it’s certainly not the case for those who have to work in the elements whether they like it or not. No snow day for farmers.

Snowy Fieldscape So Sunday morning dawns, and we didn’t get a huge dump but the wind was relentless, and continued its rally cry throughout the afternoon, tearing through the tree lines, whipping up drifts and being generally a major presence. In short, the snow was a bit player to the main character Wind.
Snowy Corn CribDespite the low snow total, it sure was a struggle to do even the simplest of things. Make one little faux pas out there, and its repercussions are amplified a few times more. I would know…I made a minor one today while locking a gate as the big wind blew at my back. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem but for the big, astronaut gloves I was wearing. In short, and skipping the details, there I was with one hand stuck in a hole in the steer shed, while the other hand, going in the opposite direction, held the steer gate “closed” as I contemplated my way out of this dilemma. During this time of speculation, the wind was doing its mighty best to rip the gate out of my clutch. And beyond that gate lurked the steer just waiting for that break to happen, or for my body to split in two.

Snowy Steer PenNeither happened and I did manage to shed myself of the shed and lock the gate with both sets of hands and arms intact. I must have looked pretty ridiculous. I wish I could have taken a shot of that situation, but my hands were of course preoccupied.

snowy treesThe whole time that I was doing my very best human wishbone impersonation, Pete was off somewhere else. Which gave me plenty of time to think about hmm, how long till he notices that I’m missing in action? No wonder Pete gets mad at me for not always keeping my cell phone on me. Not that I could’ve used it, not having a hand available and all. But still.

Snowy HolsteinDespite all that, I loved being out in the snow today, even though I was attached to the shed for a while.


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