Spring through a window

Spring Window BootsI’m feeling that faint blush of Spring in the air. At last. Maybe I can peel off a layer if I dare. Not sure yet, it’s still early March and we can still get a blizzard. It’s not unheard of. In fact, I still have my snow tires on for just that reason. But I did put away the heavy duty, insulated, I-feel-no-cold-or-limbs overalls for the season. That should put a knife in winter. And if that doesn’t, then putting in the spring window display at the Hydro Street Brewery is a good start.

Hydro Street Window BloomersThose of us on the Hydro Street Window Committee put our frozen brains together and came up with a laundry line, rain boots and umbrellas theme. Because that is what Spring is to us; the crisp snap of bloomers on the line, puddle-splashing boots, and dancing umbrellas performing a duet with raindrops. Why do I feel like I should be breaking into a song here? I won’t. Can’t hold a note. But we took the bloomers and aprons to the line and dressed the window in a spring sonnet. So put that in your bonnet!

Hydro Street Spring WindowJust like Spring though, the window is a work in progress. We intend to fill the space with a flowery field of rain boots, if we could find enough boots. Seems it’s a hard thing to pull the boots off of people’s feet. They actually want to wear them rather than display them. There ought to be a city-wide ordinance; if you have rain boots, you must have a secondary pair for display. It’s all for the good of Spring people!

laundry line birdsLike any good laundry line, a few birds came to roost. I’m very encouraged to hear the Spring sing-along-song of birds announcing milder weather. If they say so, then it must be. Still, I’m not ready to pull down the draft drapes yet as March always has a few tricks up its sleeve. Until then, we look forward to Spring while glancing back over our shoulders with a Winter-weary eye should we need to layer up again.

Meanwhile, watch your boots, these gals may try to grab them off your feet for the window display, and you don’t want to mess with them. Best to just hand them over, and have a beer!

Hydro Street Window Committee

4 thoughts on “Spring through a window

  1. Wow, all those years of growing up next to a farm in Wisconsin, I thought farm life was so hard, now the truth comes out! It’s all fun and beer!
    I know it IS hard, but that little fun nymph, Micka, make it all so romantic!!!

    • Yes, fun and beer until somebody gets hurt. Isn’t that how the saying goes?! Don’t worry, Pete was on the farm, he’s not part of the window committee. Oh, and those cow boxers…I just made them for him. But they went up in the window before he could even touch them. So maybe he is kinda part of the window committee, in a reluctant way.

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