Soggy Saturday

Spring graced us with yet another lush, wet, soggy Saturday;

Rain Gauge

Sage Plant in Window

It was a nice day to stay inside, or stand on the porch and watch the weeds grow. Weeds that I had just trimmed a few days ago. Or a week ago. Okay, a week ago. The point is…they’re fast growers and they mock me with their upward mobility:

Chute with weeds

The plants are going a little crazy now too. The Dianthus and Chives have exploded in bursts of pink and purple. It’s like watching fireworks go off at ground level;


I love watching all the greenery unfurl while under the influence of rain. Even the run-away lawn. We can try to tame it but I don’t mind seeing it run a little wild just to remind us of its true nature. There’s only so much we can control. Best to keep in mind, we are ultimately not in control. Unless I brought in professionals. But what’s the fun in that? There’s something romantic and wild about lush gardens running amok against the textured background of the farm;


hanging plant

Looking out from my porch that soggy Saturday, the wild garden movement of the late 19th Century Victorian time period comes to mind. I’m here to bring that trend back. It works for me, there are no crisp lines, no perfect strokes. I’ll let nature guide the design with a few little tweaks on my part. It all sounds like an excuse to save me a little time and work, and it partly is, but I notice this spring I feel a lot less harried about it all than in the past. Which means I can spend more time to simply enjoy it. A fine trade-off from my point of view.

Bistro Set


6 thoughts on “Soggy Saturday

  1. Beautiful photos, the writing is so expressive of what is happening with Mother Nature both tamed and untamed.
    A beautiful balance. Well said with a touch of the heart strings.

    • Thank you, you’re just lucky that I didn’t throw in one of my infamous words this time! But you are always free to choose what blogs you read. There are so many wonderful blogs out there to suit your tastes. Despite that, I hope you keep coming back for more.

  2. Wonderful pictures! I love your flowers 🙂 I’m excited because stuff in our vegetable garden is coming up now 🙂 I put it in last week, but there was such nice weather and a good rain the other day that it came up really fast! So glad. (I tend to wring my hands over it until things start to happen) Love seeing the green! My flower gardens around the house are a mess… on my list of things to do.

    • I get the hand wringing thing…will it really happen? And then it does! Somehow it does. Our house perimeter is a mess too, and that’s not even on the list yet! Keep trading stories with me, I like it!!

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