A Little Bit of Cajun in Wisconsin

Two weeks. In just two weeks our barn doors open and the festivities begin again! This is our second year of hosting “Cajun in the Country”. We’re getting ready for those cowboy boots to hit the floor boards. I can hardly wait!

farmers line

Not that I’m tapping my toe impatiently, for there is much to do to prepare. And there is a fine group of people working behind the scenes to pull it together. As for me, I have my assignments. It looks a little like this:barn broom and barI got the long end of the stick, the barn broom stick that is. I sweep. 5 bays. Bay by bay. I tried to rationalize my way out of it by saying, “well isn’t it okay to leave a little straw on the floor for props? This is a barn after all. Yes?” No. It all gets swept up, and fresh straw will find its way in anyway no matter how much I sweep.

floor sweep with catDon’t worry about me though, I’ve always got company. Whenever I slide open the barn doors no matter how quietly, a barn cat will materialize from out of cat-nowhereville. Just when I thought I was alone…cat. Ghost cat. They come and they go. Like a whisper in the wind. Or a squeak in a wheel is more like it. They squeak, they don’t meow. Whole different language. But I’m getting away from myself. The point is, the barn is being swept to make way for boots and people.

barn view interiorThe lights will come on and the bands will play. It’s getting there. Trust me, the rafters will fill with music. If you want to know  more just go to the ColumbusWIFun website for more information. Meanwhile, we sweep, prepare and all of us here on the farm eagerly await your arrival!

Hello Steer Resting Head


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Cajun in Wisconsin

  1. Oh, you have a beautiful barn!!! And I love the cows. Hello cows 🙂 I think it is so fun you have these festivities. I’ve heard that back in the day our barn used to hold the township square dances and farm meetings. The house was the meeting place for the local quilting bees. Sigh… someday I would love to get it back to its former glory. I played the viola for most of my growing up years and I’ve been seriously thinking lately that I will get some new strings and this winter teach myself how to fiddle. I think it would be fun! Enjoy the dance!

    • That’s absolutely wonderful that you know some history of your farm. I wish I knew more of the history of this place. We know a little but not a lot. When you get the fiddle down pat, then you can come here and play on the stage! We’ll have ourselves a little party!

  2. Hi…Just let us know if there is anything we can do to help..looking forward to your big day next week!!

    Love, lucille

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