One last summer fling; Cajun style

It seemed like an inauspicious start to a spicy, hot Cajun in the Country festival.

Foggy Barn, Cajun in the Country

How will folks even find the barn in a soup mix like this? How do you eat Jambalaya when you feel the icy, foreboding fingers of a Stephen King novel crawling up your spine? These are questions I pondered on the very morning of Cajun in the Country 2015 as we commenced festival prep work. I wondered if I should change the signs to read Cajun in the Mist. How that would go over?

Pre Fest Foggy Road

Not to worry though, the scary mist burned off, and the heat switch turned on. By 11:30 everything was coming together. Volunteers showed up, tents popped up, cook-off entries made their delectable appearances, and ye ol’ Allis came out to preen itself by the roadside, a sure sign the gig was on and the fog was lifting.

Allis Chalmers tractor

With help from The Festival Urban Ninjas, we were ready for the second annual Cajun in the Country. If I may, I’d like to just explain for a moment who the Festival Urban Ninjas are…they are a small, non-profit group of wonderfully diverse people committed to organizing local festivals to bring our small town together in an atmosphere of fun, with proceeds going to local charities. My husband and I hooked up with them in an effort to socialize off of the farm, and we have ended up with some really great friends…with pop up tents, and mad, mad organizing skills. Don’t mess with the ninjas. Or they’ll put a pop-up tent in your yard and have a festival. Whee. And so here we are, year two of Cajun in the Country.

Let us begin…disclaimer stuff first; most interior photos of the barn were taken not by me, but by members of the FUN committee, so thank you Niki, Mary and Bethany for the use of your photos, cause I don’t know where I was, mostly upstairs printing stuff, or running around checking toilet paper status or hiding behind the blackberry bush. Ha, didn’t know I was there did you? I’m shy. Actually it was the asparagus patch which is doing well thank you.

So the fog lifted and the barn was waiting for folks to come in boots and all. Hey barn!

Barn Interior

This year we were able to post the band line up on an old door lying around dormant (get it, door-mant?! hee.) and made it into a billboard of sorts. We had 4 bands this year and it was pretty fantastic to hear the old barn fill up with their rousing music. The Prairie Bayou Cajun Band kicked things off, followed by Mal-O-Dua, the New Riverside Ramblers and finally, Tally Miller up from Louisiana.

Band Line up

New Riverside Ramblers

Barn Full SwingThere wasn’t just music here, oh no. We had copious amounts of food and drink. Let’s see, where should we start? Oh yes, how about with Vintage Brewing Company who joined us in offering up 4 different brews, and Mershon’s Cider joined in on the fun as well. Hi guys, and yum!

Vintage Mershons

Jim’s Cheese also pitched in with some really great pulled pork sandwiches and even Cajun-spiced cheese curds. What? Yes, cheese curds with Cajun seasoning. And it was good.

Jims Cheese

Let’s not forget the touch of wine we had there. Botham jumped in with a few varietals. Oh, and look at that, they even threw Bethany into the mix. Hi Bethany! Yes, I’ll have a glass thank you.

Botham and Bethany

All in all, it was a pretty fun, festive atmosphere. Good music, food, drink and people. Yes, once again I’m going to say that this is a wonderful group of people who showed up to the barn. And I’d be happy to host them again next year for the third annual Cajun in the Country.

barn seating

If you do come next year, I’ll leave you with this; don’t forget to stop by to say hello to the steer. They like to participate too!

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6 thoughts on “One last summer fling; Cajun style

  1. Great job on hosting your Cajun Festival Micka and Peter. The photos are outstanding and the narrative as well.
    A good time was held by all!!

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