I’m Falling

Yes, I’m falling for it. This season of color and crunch. The leaves have made a clear path whipping from the front yard, around the corner and into a pile-up onto the side porch where the herb garden resides nearby. I have to dig under crispy leaves to cut back my herbs before they give up to freezing temperatures. My little plot o’ herbs has been quite productive. I’ve been giving some away and freezing others. And what I don’t freeze or give away, hangs to dry. But uh oh. I’m running out of places to dry them. So I’ve had to get clever about it and come up with some alternative spaces. Our uncurtained windows seemed just the thing.

Hanging HerbsI was just waiting for Pete to come in the house and say something about it. But I don’t think he even noticed. I must not have put enough up. I’ll have to put more up. Or maybe hang some from his computer. I bet he still wouldn’t notice. He does have bigger things on his mind like tractors being fixed or crops to harvest. Indeed, the beans were harvested recently in the stealth of night. Where once lay a field of scrappy looking beans is now a neatly cut field. But yay there lies corn beyond.

Soy Bean Field

So while he’s busy with all that harvesting, it’s grape time for me. I cut the grapes from our vine amidst great adversity. I don’t exactly like reaching into the depths of the grape vines with the bunker crop of wasps we’ve seemingly nurtured around here. I think I’d rather deal with mosquitoes. I’m sure I left more on the vines than I picked due to my wussy nature. But I grabbed enough to proceed with canning some jars of jam. Which if all goes well will happen today with the help of Pete’s mom who is well versed in this process. Following wuss protocol, I tend to avoid the combination of heat and glass so I have to call in for the extra help. Fingers crossed explosions will be minimal.

Sadly, with the onset of cold weather, my warm weather studio is now transferred to the confines of the house. Poor little milkhouse, I’ll see you next summer. Some day I will winterize you, and we will be together forever year round.

Milkhouse closed

Falling is hard to do. I’m so reluctant to close the studio, cut back my herbs, and bring in the outdoor furniture. As long as I can, I put those things off. Hence, the little bistro set still lingers under the trees. I heard it’s going to be 70 degrees tomorrow so I’ll let them bask out there for a little while longer. Until it snows.

Bistro in evening

Oh, and then there’s the porch furniture. That’s troublesome too. I find that I bring in one item at a time to soften the blow of transition. Plants first. Pillows next. Furniture, eh, when it snows. I just can’t do it yet!! Did I mention it’s going to be 70 degrees tomorrow? I might need to sit out there still.

Late Sun Porch

So falling isn’t easy but there are some perks. Like pumpkins, ghosties, and barn cats sitting next to pumpkins.

Pumpkin and Barn Cat

Oh barn cats, enjoy the the sun while you can, roll around on the ground, chase the falling leaves, and rip the screens out of our windows while the warmth yet lingers, for pretty soon you will be making tunnels in the snow from barn to porch. Let’s all fall down!

Mr. Hans and Rainy


One thought on “I’m Falling

  1. I so enjoy your posts Micka. You capture the essence of the season beautifully. I may think it, but you express it for all to enjoy. Thank-you! I love the herb photo.

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