Primitive Cat

My husband always teases me and says that there were no cats on the property until I moved in. Now, cats. Everywhere. Indoor cats, outdoor cats. White cats, black cats. Silly cats, spooky cats. Which brings me to our latest addition to the cat family; Primitive Cat.

Primitive Cat Portrait

He’s a little tarnished and worn on the edges, but that’s what makes him so adorable. Plus, he is cousin to my love, Primitive Guy. Now together they can rap on walls, stomp on floors and make eerie noises in the dead of night. Just what this old farmhouse needs. Makes me proud.

Primitive Cat and Primitive Guy

Now that Hallowe’en is drawing nigh, our little Primitive Cat sends out his wishes to you;

Happy Halloween wishes

Nicely said Primitive Cat. You’ll do just fine here. Let’s go have some fun! Happy Hallowe’en every one!

Primitive Cat Close up

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