Accidental Popcorn

November is being very kind to us weatherwise. Yesterday was an excellent day for a perimeter field walk which took me around the fields and down to the creek and back up to the barn in a round about way. It’s a very nice walk in which to check out the nooks and crannies of the property for places to hide. One never knows when one would need to hide, I’m that side of neurotic.

Farm and Field

On my way back, I saw Action Figure Pete climbing the ladder to open the feeder, allowing the corn to drop in from the mixer. All this for the big calves’ meals-on-tap. Go, Action Figure Pete, Go! Climb that ladder. And don’t fall down.

Action Figure Pete Climbs Ladder

In my excitement to see Action Figure Pete, and because I had no way of avoiding him due to my trajectory, I approached with a hearty hello; “S’up Farm Boy?”

“Just normal stuff” said Action Figure Pete.

Pete and MixerAnd that’s all it took, one turn away from the machinery, and the abnormal happens. Kernels of corn started popping, pushing and pulsating up and out of the mixer in classic Jiffy Pop style. I’m not a seasoned farmer’s wife, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t part of the procedure.

Corn MixerThis needed to stop. So I couldn’t understand why A.F. Pete wasn’t cutting the engine. He let it pop. And I just wanted to grab buckets and race around gathering the little poppers before they hit the ground. I can’t stand waste. I’m that frugal.

Corn on the groundThose golden nuggets of corn hitting the ground pained me. So I offered to shovel up the random poppers into the wheelbarrow. Every last kernel. With tweezers if necessary. Fortunately, the more rational side of my brain overpowered the crazy and said it’s okay to let some things spill. So I just scooped up the major portions under the watchful eyes of these guys:

Cattle Corn CallBecause it’s these guys who count. They don’t like to see their feed randomly pop out of their reach. I understand. So I shoveled and scooped what I could within the realm of reason. Which really didn’t amount to much I suppose.

Shovelled Feed Corn But what little I did scrape up off the ground, I did haul over to the little guys. I’m not good at this gig I will admit. But if I can do a little, it makes me feel a bit better.

Calves feeding

And now for the gratuitous kitty photo portion of this post! This little barn kitty was exhibiting symptoms of a cold. One vet visit and 2 shots later, she is climbing me like I’m a set of monkey bars. And wolfing down food better than the boys. She is all of one pound and I’m sure she will continue to grow and prove a kindly match to all the other barn cats. Grow baby grow!

One Pound Kitten


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