Foggy day procedure


It was a quiet, foggy day here on the farm, lending itself well for general indoor activities. That is until Action Figure Pete came stomping in the door with his giant Mickey Mouse farm boots and proceeded to say “Oh um”. Rats, whenever he starts a sentence with “oh um” I know I’m in for it. My quiet morning reverie began to look a little more like this:


In other words, it’s procedure time. There are moments when Action Figure Pete needs a helping hand when his two are not enough. So I pulled on my big girl boots and faced the situation. Align the mixer chute so that the corn flows into the properly assigned bin. Tractor, check. Mixer, check. Farmer, missing. What am I doing here?


Once AF Pete was present and accounted for, and in the proper tractor driving position, I assumed my designated stance at window number #4, also known as window #5. Window #4 and #5. When did we start assigning numbers to windows and why wasn’t I told? And why two numbers for one mere window? And why don’t I get a number? I’ll give myself a number. I’m #1! Unless there’s a window called #1, then that can get confusing.


Back to it, my job today was to help guide the chute into window 4 or 5. Whatever it calls itself. All this while Action Figure Pete very slowly backs up the tractor/mixer to the window. Which puts me in a bit of a precarious position. I find myself between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I am standing in a puddle of poo between tractor wheels and fence. I’m very mindful of the fact that should the tractor slip and slide, my exit options are few, and boot traction is minimal. So there are a few tense moments making this not one of my favorite procedures.


Thankfully, the chute easily aligns after a little bit of manuevering and down spills the corn into its storage facility. Oh, this is where the mystery of two numbers for one window are solved. Inside, there are two separate bins beneath that window. One to the right and one to the left. Thank god for reason.


This is getting corny.


After the bin was filled to its capacity, we once again maneuvered the chute out of the window without pulling the entire structure down. This is where I did my finest work. I saw the chute about to get caught on the window and pushed with all my minnie might! Clear! Procedure done. Good-bye Action Figure Pete, see you at the next procedure:


Once again this brings home to me how one farmer’s day-to-day activities are much more trickier than my average day at work sitting in front of a computer. What with the season of ice and snow upon us, I just want to say, stay safe to all of you farmers and your families.



8 thoughts on “Foggy day procedure

  1. This should make us proud of our farmers and admiration for sticking to the job at hand. Go Pete, go Micka. Marion

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