Trek Trak Yeti Cat

When one is bestowed a beautiful, snow-carpeted day, one must go forth and explore. Cue me and out the door I go to follow some tracks. I am not a professional tracker by any means. But I can pick up subtle movements laid down in the snow. What’s this? Looks like, tracks. Tire tracks. Upon closer inspection I determine these to be tractor tire tracks. It was the silo that tipped me off.

Tractor Tire Tracks

Emboldened by my discovery, I pushed onward. No stranger to harsh winters and blinding snow, I remained fearless in the daunting cold. (if not the snow, something’s sure getting thick around here)

But what is this? More tracks on my trek. I see small animal prints going one way due south I believe, and a larger Platypus-like print going due west, no doubt for better foraging grounds. Those are fierce-looking tracks large and small.

tracks crossed

Walking the perimeter, scanning the horizon, I hoped to come across the creatures that laid bare their path in this barren snow.

Field and Home

When lo, I spy…the elusive creature, Felis Barnus Caticus. Around these parts he is well known for his skills at climbing onto and into parked cars, peering through kitchen windows and preying on bits of blueberry bagel. Felis Barnus Caticus is looking a little stout by the way. Must be the winter coat.

snow leopard cat

To be clear, Felis Barnus Caticus should not be confused with another elusive creature known as Felis Domesticus Spoiled-Rottenus Caticus. Similar in stature to Barnus Caticus, this derivation of Caticus is conditioned to and owns the indoor territory. Every inch of it. In fact we had to move into the barn. It’s cold.

House cat

That still leaves us with the mystery of the Platypus-like tracks. But I have it figured out. It’s Yeti! In Wisconsin! Yay, my husband will be so pleased! Not pleased. It was just me. Yeti me. Happy trails for the New Year!

making tracks

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