Kitty Reprieve; it’s a white world

Dense Fog Alert.

Foggy Laundry Line

When I see that pop up on my smarty pants phone, I get the shivers. I love how fog shrouds the landscape in its ghostly way, but I don’t like driving in it. Fortunately, I was driving home from work when it was still a general mist. Not enough to induce panic, but enough to widen my eyes and appreciate that strange feeling of floating in a sea of nothingness. Driving on rural roads banked with flat cropland covered in snow and layered with mist leaves no notion of landmarks. It’s an eerie feeling. By the time I got home, I felt a sense of relief.

Foggy Barn

There’s only so much “floating in a sea of white” that I can take. Once home though, the mist became The Fog. With a vengeance. Thus the always helpful, “hey-just-in-case-you-didn’t-know-already” Dense Fog Alert. No problem, I’m not driving. Except drat, my cat has a vet appointment in an hour. And the fog is getting more and more heavy-handed. Oh Siri, so you gotta let me know, should I stay or should I go now. If I go there will be trouble (I can’t see in front of me) an’ if I stay it will be double (the cat is scratching her ears, and her nails are digging into me).

Foggy Road

I opted not to go and will pay double. Thanks for the options Clash. It’s a white, white world out there and I think I’ll play it safe. The cat got a reprieve. She doesn’t have to go the vet. She doesn’t know how close she was to her most unfavorite car ride. But don’t worry kitty, a reprieve is just that, a mere postponement. In two weeks time we will be visiting the vet. It’s called, “rescheduling due to inclement weather”.

Gray Ghost Domestic Gray

Don’t give me that look, or I’ll have them give you a bath too!! (p.s. love you cat!)


3 thoughts on “Kitty Reprieve; it’s a white world

  1. I love your writing Micka..I share your thoughts about fog. I always think that it leaves me feeling so disoriented. I’m glad that the cat got a reprieve with the vet…She looks positively annoyed on the photo. Can it be possible that she WANTED to go to the vet?? Keep posting…I enjoyed your track post as well.

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