The Mummies’ New Adventure

“We’re bored” said the mummies. You would be too if you were all wrapped up with nowhere to go, stuck in a room waiting for a more permanent spot on the farm. And where do mummies on a farm go anyway? So they cooked up a scheme for themselves while I lay sleeping. Those scheming mummies. Most of their work happens at night so I might as well get some sleep and let them do some work for a change.

mummy group

What they did surprised me. They got themselves signed onto a new fashion ecommerce company called that connects artists worldwide with producers in a way that brings them back to life. You can imagine how happy the mummies are about that. I am too. The mummies and other drawings I’ve done are reinterpreted into tops and scarves. I can now wear my mummies! And so can anyone else if one so desires. How cool is that!

Mummies on dress form

This ecommerce company has a story that I feel I can get behind. Not only does it give my mummies something better to do, but collaborates with multidisciplinary artists to produce custom apparel while at the same time, providing education for the makers of the final product allowing them to go on to build a better life for themselves and their families. It may only be one small way that I can help give someone else a leg up in this world, but I’ll take it if I can. I’ve always been hapless with volunteering. I can’t build a house, I’m awkward around strangers, and the last time I volunteered to pick up trash in a park, there wasn’t enough trash! So the mummies and I are in on this one. We now have a collection on,

maskie top

If you do visit, be sure to read the company’s back story. It really is enlightening. Plus, the wealth of artists and their product is simply beautiful and one of a kind. And it’s made to order. It’s not running off the press like yesterday’s rag. All custom-made items are printed, stitched, and hand-finished before it gets to you.

ForestMist scarf

I don’t know how this will ultimately go I’ll be honest with you, but it is a kick in the pants to get back to some drawing. Now that warmer weather is approaching, the milkhouse studio will be opened, aired out and back in business. Which means maybe I can start working on some Primitive Cat studies…

Primitive Cat Sketch

Because every mummy needs a cat.

*Disclaimer note: I did not take the photos of the dress form images. Those are composite images of my artwork on the apparel provided by shopvida. Just wanted to mention that. Otherwise, the mummies and primative cat…yeah, me.



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