Soil; the dig begins

Friday evening we stepped out the door and on our way to dinner in town. A few steps off the porch I was hit with a distinct smell….not manure if that’s what you’re thinking. That happens too, but this was different. It was, soil! I’ve been living here 4 years now and I’ve never been gobsmacked in the face with such a strong smell of soil. In fact, I had to announce it to Pete. “I smell soil”. Someone must be digging. Sure enough, our neighbor of the field next to ours was out in his tractor churning up the earth, turning the soil and letting loose that delectable smell. It’s digging time.

Field and Tractor

Now the days get a little unpredictable. If the weather is good, any other plans are put aside and Action Figure Pete hits the fields running, engines on, full tractor speed ahead. Go man go. And that’s where I saw him yesterday while I was taking Bowzer B. Dawg for a walk along the tractor road.


Here he comes. Let’s take a Dawg break and watch Action Figure Pete tear up the field. Bowzer B. doesn’t really like taking a break when he’s doing some serious dog walking. He’s pretty goal oriented that way. I mean it took Bowz about 10 minutes before his butt slowly maneuvered into a true sit position. Sometimes he’ll hold it in mid-air for a long while in case I change my mind and do continue walking. But I held my ground and waited for the tractor’s approach.

Tractor and Farmer

Oh how nice. He stopped for a visit.

Tractor Farmer Approaches

“No need to stop. Keep digging. I’m just walking Dawg.”

Tractor Farmer Approaches

Nope. He’s still coming. “Don’t you have to keep digging? Don’t you have a deadline? Why do you look so serious?”

Soil 7

“‘Sup there tractor-boy?” Turns out tractor-boy had something to say. And it sounded like a pick-up line that I’d expect to hear in a night club,

“Look at my new drag!!”

Whaaat? Er. Okay. What’s a drag? Well, it’s a $5000 piece of equipment attached to the back of the tractor behind the disc. All gleaming metal and chains. A girl would be impressed. And I am. Looks pretty. What does it do, besides dragging that is? Well, it helps even out the soil that the disc just turned up and over. It kinda sounds like a paradox but okay. It smooths out the soil that you just took the time to dig up. Dig and drag.

Tractor and Drag

After being duly impressed with the new drag, Action Figure Pete leaped back into the tractor cab to carry on. But not without first cracking the door open one more time so I could hear the radio cranked up high and filling the cab with classic rock, nice and loud, nodding his head to the pounding beat. Slamming the door shut, he bounced the tractor on its wheels up and down a few times like a souped-up ride before turning up the next row. That’s right, you bounce that field Pete.

Tractor Farmer Head On

Next time you’re driving along and you see a farmer digging his field, nod your head to the beat he’s got going. It’s soil baby.


7 thoughts on “Soil; the dig begins

  1. My mom has started digging …but in her garden πŸ™‚ And there IS distinct smell out there of fertilizer right now… it’s pretty gross. Lol but I do love the smell of the actual dirt when you dig your hands in it…

  2. Your recap of the digging season is a reminder to myself to never take life in the country for granted. Viewing farm life through your eyes make me appreciate my roots. Nice job Micka…carry on Pete! (And pray for rain!)

  3. I love the smell of soil. It’s kind of like caffeine that goes from my nose straight to my brain πŸ™‚ I get in this gardening frenzy. Winters are so cold where we are that there really isn’t any smell… burning smells from our neighbor’s garage stove or the occasional exhaust fumes from a vehicle brave enough to venture down our road in the snow, but that’s about it. Soil smells like the earth coming alive again. Now when I see the farmers in their big farm machines coming down our road I’ll think of you guys πŸ™‚

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