It’s Cajun time!

Cajun in the Country On Air Sign

It’s happening again, another episode of Cajun In The Country! Not an episode really, and it won’t be on air, we just like to pretend around here. But Saturday, September 10th will be the third annual Cajun In The Country music event at our little farm. So preparations are being made. The barn floor has been swept, and will be swept again. The stage and dance floor has been mopped and will be mopped again. Signs and banners are slowly going up.

Cajun in the Country Barn interior

Cajun in the Country Stage and dance floor

It’s looking to be a grand time. The weather forecast is in our favor, we’ve got some delicious Cajun food coming our way, craft beer, cider, soda and water will be available for purchase, and this year for the first time, there will be areas available for open jams. Dance lessons are going to kick off the event at noon, followed by The Cajun Strangers from the Madison area and then later, straight up from Chicago, the Chicago Cajun Aces.

Cajun in the Country barn door

Because this is a farm, and there are steer present, there may be some fabulous farmy odor. I hope people will understand that they will have a stinking good time. But to help the situation, we will be opening windows and doors on both sides of the barn to let in some cross ventilation and asking the steer to please go downwind. Should you dare to cross the Farmer’s Line though, you will be in for a bigger stinking good time than you may have anticipated. All in good cheer though. We’ll fish you out and scrub you down!

Cajun in the Country Farmer's Line

If you find yourself in Wisconsin on September 10th, come on by…if you want to learn more about this thing, go to the Festival Urban Ninjas’ Facebook page at ColumbusWiFun or to their website at

The steer say, “let’s get this party on….mooove it, mooove it”! Put on your dancing hooves and have some fun!

Cajun in the Country Holstein Steers


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