Horsing around

Holstein Steer Eyes

Ha! Thought you were going to see a horse right? Nope, still steer. But wait…some day there may be a horse or two visiting us. We’d like that very much, but before that happens, we need horsey stalls! Let’s get to work!

Back when Pete bought this piece of property, the barn was in serious need of repair. Originally built in the late 1800’s, there was a bit of sagging, leaning and general barn loneliness when he came on the scene. Over the years he worked on shoring it up so that it was once again structurally sound. Later, we zeroed in on the hay loft, making that area a fun venue for the Cajun Fest, thus banishing any loneliness that the barn may have been experiencing. Music will do that to you!

That done, we now get to focus on the ground level which used to house the stanchions for the milking cows and the farm’s past life as a dairy operation. We had to clean up years of matted straw, old wood, and other detritus. That meant sweeping, hauling, sweeping again, and more hauling, all just to get the space cleaned up and shipshape for spanking new horse stalls.

Bank Barn Ground Level

We’re getting there. It’s been slow work but progress is evident. We now have room cleared for an initial bank of 4 stalls. The schematics have been done and the supplies ordered. Once the pieces of the stall puzzle arrive, it will be time for assembly. In the dead of winter. What fun.

I jest. It will be fun! I’ll just add another exclamation point to make that clear!! There we go! Off to the races! Really though, this is for whenever someone is coming through town for the carriage classic or to ride trails. They can board their horse or horses here overnight, and stay in the upstairs guest suite steps away from their beloved beasts. I’m sure that the barn will be very happy to have some life in it from top to bottom.

All of this has been a bit disruptive to our resident barn cats; Mr. Hans and Rainy. Where did all their hiding places go? Who took away all the nice piles of straw in which they burrowed? Don’t worry, we provided them with some brand new, fluffy cat beds and they still have the Kit Kat Lounge and Dance Hall. Things are getting feisty around here!

Barn cats


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