The Indomitable Mr. Hans

MrHans Barncat Mr. Hans and his little brother Rainy are our two wonderful barn cats in-residence. They are both friendly, engaging, and for the most part, gentle. But today, Mr. Hans left me both proud and surprised. He single-handedly defended his and Rainy’s territory with much bravery. This from a cat that prefers zero confrontation, and an easy-going lifestyle. (Gets carried to the barn for his dinner)

Mr. Hans Barn KittenMr. Hans came to us as a wee kitten, brought over by Momma Cat from a neighboring farm where she gently deposited him and his siblings in our barn. Hans, as he was then known, was the one kitten that simply had to be near or with humans. He would desperately scale me like a mountain, peaking on my head, or cry and come running when one of us was in sight. I was worried that he was a little needy and questioned his survival rate. But lo and behold, he was the one of the litter that lasted and stuck around. Through pluck, luck and a farmer that dotes on him, Hans became Mr. Hans.

Mr. Hans and RainyLife was a little lonely for this companion-loving cat, so we were lucky when Rainy dropped in on the scene. Again we suspect that Momma Cat deposited him on our property, just at a time when Mr. Hans needed a little brother with whom to play. They became inseparable. And like true brothers, they have their little spats, and it’s usually Mr. Hans that backs down. Rainy can be a punk sometimes.

Mr. Hans Porch ChillingBut today, Mr. Hans did not back down. It was a beautiful, unusually warm morning for February. I was sitting out on the porch about to have a cup of tea when I could hear intense growls coming from the garage. This did not sound like a normal Mr. Hans vs Rainy spat but something more serious. So I chucked the tea and pulled on my mud boots and hit the ground running. Out of the garage streaked a tomcat followed closely by Mr. Hans! Round the corner we all went, and out front of the steer pen, a cat fight of major proportions played out in front of my horrified eyes. I did not want to see a cat torn to shreds, or make an emergency vet run for one or two cats. All I could do was scream “Stop! Stop!” which did nothing of course. After about 30 seconds of fur-flying terror, they disengaged and Mr. Hans stood his ground and issued low growls while the tomcat slunk slowly off. I did not interfere figuring it’s best to allow them to cat-communicate amongst themselves as long as no one was hurt. Later Pete told me that this same tomcat has been trying for a territorial takeover and that I should’ve run him off. While in theory Pete may be right, I have a very hard time running off another cat if it needs a place to stay. But if such a cat were out to harm Mr. Hans or Rainy I may have to reevaluate that stance. Meanwhile, Mr. Hans did quite well doing the chasing off himself.

Mr. Hans porch chilling 2Bask in your glory Mr. Hans, you are of indomitable spirit.


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