Moody Sunday

Somebody threw a blanket of fuzzy, dense fog over us this morning providing a perfect day to sleep in. Or to get in the barn to work on a project. So I opted to do a little of both. After sleeping in a just a little bit, I threw some tools in my bag and headed on out. By then, the rain had dissolved the fog leaving us with a gooey ground of mud. Oh happy day. But once in the barn, all that rain and muck was shut out, providing a perfect shelter from the drab day outside. As it turns out, someone else was sleeping in…

Rainy Barn Cat

Don’t let his name fool you, Rainy does not like rain. In fact, we found him as a little kitten cowering under a tree during a particularly strong thunderstorm one night two years ago. Or maybe three. I’ve already lost track. Now he is grown, and taking on the role of barn cat number two. However, this morning he was derelict in his duties. As I was fondly gazing upon his fuzziness, I could see a little mouse scurry across the barn floor. And I know Rainy saw it too. He didn’t move a muscle though his eyes did swivel in their sockets without him moving his ever-loving head. This will be mentioned in his monthly performance review. Or maybe I’ll let it slide. It was after all, a sleep-in kind of morning.

Meanwhile, steps away from the sleepy barn cat, the horse stalls are slowly taking shape. It’s exciting to see their progress.  Not too long ago they were just a pile of lumber. Now the pile of lumber is whittling down while the stalls are going up.

Horse Stalls

So far we’re putting in 4 stalls on one side, and at a later point in time, 4 stalls on the opposite side. For now though, each stall will be approximately 10′ x 14′ with grillwork on the upper half of each stall. This will allow for ventilation while providing the horse a room with a view. Because who doesn’t like a room with a view and fresh straw bedding?

Horse Stall opening

So progress is being made on the stall front. Meanwhile, that Sunday morning project I got my foggy butt up for? A sliding door for the Tinkler (originally the feed room) which adjoins the barn.

The Tinkler

We’re not quite into spring enough to open the Tinkler and hang its shingle, but that doesn’t mean preparations can wait. We decided to repurpose one of the original doors from our 1880’s farmhouse into a sliding door that will lead from the barn into the Tinkler. But first that means I had to scrape and sand it down. It was interesting to see that there was a layer of white milk paint under the top layer of not so very pretty paint. Next up will be painting the door white, and then installing it.

1880s Door

Hopefully, we can retain the original door hardware which employs ye olde handle and latch system which was in use prior to what we know as the common door knob. Not that we need it for the sliding function, but it would be nice to maintain the door in as much of its original state as possible.

1800s door latch system

So things are moving along there in the barn. Even ye olde barn cat is starting to stir:

Barn Cats



3 thoughts on “Moody Sunday

  1. Hey Micka, great progress so far! It’s fun to get the updates – keep em’ coming!
    Hi from Ilene and I to you and Pete.
    Oh….and BTW, I recall the mattress being just right in the B&MYODB. Ha.

  2. Thanks for sharing Micka…it sounds like everything is moving along well.

    You’re was a perfect day for inside work..the grass is starting to look green!!

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