Cracked Nuts

It’s Spring. I think. We’ve been fooled all through March and the first week of April with Nature’s slow tease. But I’m pretty sure this is it. If only because I had the snow tires taken off of my car. So this has to be it. And with that in mind, time to wake up the sleepy, old barn and throw its doors open. Hey barn hey!

Barn opening

After a long winter’s rest, it’s with a little trepidation that I open the doors to see how things are faring in there. There’s been a lot of activity in the lower part of the barn where horse stalls are being built. So I know what’s what down there. But upstairs, that’s usually shut all winter for whatever mayhem and parties resident wildlife may have scheduled. And I get to do the clean up. Because there’s another party to get ready for, and it’s never too soon to prepare…Cajun in the Country!! Yay!

Allis Chalmers WD 45

But first, Action Figure Pete needs to roll out the tractor. And now that I’ve said that, I suspect he’s going to make me drive the tractor out, and I don’t have my tractor driving license yet. Or a good understanding of that clutch and the other clutch and yes, it’s been a long winter. So I think I’ll be getting to know Allis again. Anyway, back to the facts…we’re already in the planning stages for the Cajun in the Country fest, and though I dread doing the initial Spring barn sweep, I know that this pretty lady needs to be spruced up to welcome a day filled with music, dancing, food and drink! Cajun Fest isn’t until September, but we’re getting ready now.

Walnut shells

So today was the “walk-through” where I assess what all the unwelcomed critters have done upstairs in our slumbering barn in what is typically known as the hay loft. As it turns out, our newly-producing walnut tree is providing a bounty of hors d’oeuvres for our local squirrels. And our barn is their cracked nut cafe. Shells all over the place. The squirrels went nuts. In our barn. I’m okay with that. I’m glad that they had a warm, and welcoming place to safely chow down. I guess. Funny thing is, since our walnut tree starting producing nuts for the first time, I’m now finding walnuts literally squirreled away here and there and everywhere on the property. I leave them. Someone (squirrel) may want to come back for them. I don’t want to be responsible for a very disappointed and hungry squirrel.

Pigs Fly

And then there’s the pig. The Flying Pig. He lives in the barn during the winter. He doesn’t leave a mess like some other critters I know. But now that it’s spring I get to release The Flying Pig. Mostly he hangs out on the front porch. So after my walk-through, The Flying Pig came outside with me, and is now back on the porch. Now that walk-through is complete, it’s time to buck up buttercup and start the initial cleaning of the barn. We’ve got a party in a few months!


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