Steam & Gas Show…it’s a gas!

If vintage tractors, steam whistles, and all manner of metal parts clacking, whizzing, rotating and spinning are your thing, then the Badger Steam & Gas Show is where it’s at. And that’s where we were one fine Saturday. That is where I get my latent, vintage tractor geek on.

Badgerland Steam & Gas Show

I can hardly stand it. We only have one day to spend there. It is not enough time to take in all the exhibitors, tractor displays, massive flea market, tractor parade, food, and family. Family is one of our big reasons for going. Action Figure Pete’s uncle Rhiny is a long time exhibitor there, so we haul our snacks and drinks and set up shop for the day in the Rhiny family encampment. Excellent! We can sit and chat amidst the clacking metal parts and whistle of pent up steam. It’s a dream.

Badgerland Steam & Gas

It’s not all about tractors though, anything powered by steam or gas is on display. Such as this fine Maytag washer, probably the pride of someone’s home at one time. I wonder when my current washer will be considered a vintage piece that others pause to look at in awe. (I mean aside from my cat who seems fascinated by the window of clothes tumbling over and under.)

Badgerland Steam & Gas Show

After rushing around the flea market, we beat back to camp to prepare ourselves for the tractor parade. This is where I drool a little because I know what’s coming. The big behemoth of tractors from the early 1900’s. They are like a woodshed on wheels, serious, bone-crushing wheels. They let out a powerful whistle that makes small children cry, and big girls (me) grin like a nutter! Bring it on…

Badgerland Steam & Gas Show

And they did. Here’s another. Ginormous with all the bells and whistles. It was about time for us to be going home so I kept saying, “after this tractor”, but then another one would come along that I’d have to see. Seriously, please deliver tractor to me forthwith so I can be done with it and go home. I’ll take good care of it I promise.

Badgerland Steam & Gas Show

To tell you the truth, I also love to see the faces of the men and women driving the tractors. Some are serious with intent concentration (very necessary of course), and others, well, you can see that pure glee and pride that comes with being behind the wheel of a tractor that helped drive the course of agriculture.

2 thoughts on “Steam & Gas Show…it’s a gas!

  1. Interesting. I can really appreciate the struggles that farmers of long ago had to endure. And still do , even though
    The machines have been redesigned and hopefully keep on chugging.

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