Sanctuary for Wayward Arachnids

Yesterday first thing in the morning, I gathered myself together and pulled on my big girl boots. I had determined that I would chop down the 5 ft. weed trees and long grass that grew along the cornfield by my little, hidden corner of land. I figured it would really open up the space a bit, maybe even allow for a fire pit. So I armed myself with a tree limb cutter and hand shears for full frontal assault. Some of those weed stalks are two inches in diameter so I knew it would take some serious intent. After an hour or so I had made some major progress. Wagon-loads of it.

Wagon of weeds

It really opened up the space quite a bit. Now I’m really seeing fire pit! Maybe even a small pond or water feature. All this used to be weeds, giant, tree-like weeds. Now it’s mine, all mine!

Adirondack chairs

Except for one tiny snag or two….you may have noticed in the first photo, there yet remains a clump of uncut weeds to the right. There’s a reason for that. While I was deep in the weeds hacking away at the tall grass and weed stalks, I came eyeball to eyeballs with a garden spider firmly ensconced in her web. So I figured okay, I’ll leave her alone, I don’t want to evict a spider from her amazing web. So I started to wack weeds from the other side.

Garden Spider Web

That didn’t last long.

Garden Spider

There on the other side of the remaining clump of weeds was another garden spider. Well. Can’t cut those weeds down. Thus is born the Sanctuary for Wayward Arachnids. This is now a protected patch of weeds even though that so goes against my obsessive desire to make a clean-cut along the perimeter of the cornfield. Even Action Figure Pete had to drive the lawnmower around the Sanctuary though I’m sure he would have loved to plow through it if I hadn’t been standing there with my save-the-spiders sign.

It seems though that the Sanctuary has an annex for the garden spider that prefers a more light and airy abode. This plump lady prefers to stay on the east-facing side of our house. Not a bad spot, lots of sunshine and not too much wind. I won’t be going there for a while. She owns it.

Garden Spider on house siding

Meanwhile, weeds. I did what I could working my way around the Sanctuary, and took my wagon o’ weeds to the steers for a nice snackie. They like snacks. It’s gotten to the point that when they see me coming, a yummy salad is usually on the menu.


Er, I think number 39 is getting a little drunk on the greens. Ease up big boy.

Holsteins eating

Hey! I’ve got some happy spidey news! I checked in on the “Sanctuary for Wayward Arachnids —Side of the House Annex” the next morning, and look at this, someone is having babies!

Garden Spider Egg Sack

I guess that’s why she was so plump! Congratulations spider!



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