Farm? What Farm?

It’s that time of year again, summer…when the air gets heavy, hot and sometimes sticky. We watch the radar for rain, thunderstorms, and other atmospheric turbulence. This is when the barn cats get lethargic while they lounge on the patio chairs with legs and tails dangling off the edge of their seat. This is when we start packing to go up north. This is when my stomach churns a bit at leaving behind even for a few days what I know for normal. Home, cat, job, plants, steer, crops, paved roads. But I am also excited because we escape into my imagination. Action Figure Pete just happens to be at the wheel and hardly knows where my brain is at. Poor guy. Just ride along with me you hapless soul…


…into the vast primordial ink. Overly dramatic? Yesss. But I do love that we go to a place where there are few people. There are mosquitoes, eagles, toads, moss, ferns and the lonely boat or two. We also go to places more populated. But I’m skipping over that part and going straight to the “let’s all crawl under a rock and stare at moss” place. And ferns. We like ferns. Action Figure Pete wonders why we have so many big ferns in our own yard. This would be why. Because my imagination needs to accessorize with ferns.


So a good part of vacation had me sneaking off to look at a ferns, rocks, moss, or shoes growing on trees.


Maybe the shoe tree falls under the “too many people” category. So let’s get back to the primordial being part of this vacation. We’re alone in the vast wilderness and we can take that canoe and paddle it into the twisting, meandering river and around the curve beyond which we cannot see.


Except no, a storm front moved in and whipped that river into a milky froth from which we would never have survived. So we stayed safe and secure in our cabin that we did not hew from logs as I’d like to imagine. And in fact, a new toilet was installed so there goes the adventure of the outhouse although Action Figure Pete always extends the invitation to use it. Er, no thanks.


Despite frothing storms and questionable outhouses, the skies cleared and so did my rain-drenched eyes. Seeing scraggly pines scratching the skies reflected in endless waterways, and the dark wall of the forest lining the dirt roads, the imagination is ignited, giving my buzzing brain a restful respite until we return to farm, cats, steer, crops, job, paved road, and people.


(psst, there are actually dinosaurs up north. You just have to be real quiet to see them)


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